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Newt’s Procto-logical Tunnel “Vision”

Newton Gingrich has this certain difficulty with the way the WORLD actually “looks”… At HIM. And he seems to have a way of viewing this world. It’s as if he’s looking through an “organically adjustable ‘APETURE,( an aperture is a hole or an opening through which light travels.), a device that helps determine the “F”(!)-STOP.
“The remarks were condemned as “disgraceful”,


“Any young American of any ethnic background should be safe, period. We should all be horrified, no matter what the ethnic background.”

So, Mister Gingrich. If the preceding statement IS exactly the way YOU “see it” young, ‘former’ Master Martin DOES FULLFILL the requirements of YOUR thought.

Mister Stanley ARMOUR Dunham, a man of considerable mystery.AND, Maternal GRANDFATHER to one BARACK H. OBAMA… current PRESIDENT of these UNITED STATES of AMERICA! Pardon me for asking if YOU CANNOT believe the VALIDITY of the stated: “If I had a SON, He’d LOOK LIKE TRAYVON MARTIN“.

I suppose the resemblance is BEYOND REALITY for YOUR adjustable “20-20”?

This is how the “MELTING POT” is supposed to look:

And, THIS is how Obama would look if HIS DAD HAD BEEN James Dean…

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the light… of the skin tone, James WAS just out of the desert from making “GIANT”.

In FACT, James “seems” to be a little DARKER in these BLACK and WHITE photos, but my “vision” isn’t as “great” as YOURS.”


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Lady JUSTICE: The Self Debate

“Right” is ‘right’
The ‘TEXAS’ bred COWBOY COOL that the Bush brothers have brought to this NATION IS having an “impact” on the LIVES of those they had ‘governed’. We know all too well WHAT the elder “blessed” us with, now we are witnessing what Jeb has done by his signing the “STAND YOUR GROUND” Law.


Now that the “richness” of the old wild west has been returned to the streets of this country every William Bonney and Clyde will be “obliged” to puff up their chest, and extend their great “equalizers” just before they wet their pants.

While Justice has always told us…

“Equal justice under law” …

Now what can be done about the “tweakings” by those with a not so obscure agenda ?
How must “SHE” feel?


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The ‘New’ Modern LYNCH Law

The Castle Doctrine (also known as a Castle Law or a Defense of Habitation Law) is an American legal doctrine that designates a person’s abode (or, in some states, any place legally occupied, such as a car or place of work) as a place in which the person has certain protections and immunities and may in certain circumstances attack an intruder without becoming liable to prosecution. (Beginning paragraph in Wikipedia.) In other words “A ‘Man’s HOME is his CASTLE“.

So, HOW can a VOLUNTEER presume the “RIGHT” to choose the breadth AND width of the “acceptable boundaries” in their KILLING an UNARMED YOUTH!?!

( Those that choose which photos to join do so with a message “in mind”.)

…”because of Florida’s “stand your ground” law — the one police and prosecutors warned us about because it doesn’t require common sense”…

crime/the-stand-your-ground-laws-sad-florida-legacy/1203433 ).

The sadder part of the human entitlement issue of “late” can still be found in the world today.


The thought , (by MOST of “US”), that the “business” of, the psychology “OF” performing the actions AGAINST another HUMAN that carries a variance could continue today. The problem of this IS that IT DOES. The more basic reasoning for such COULD BE that since most ‘Slave’ owners ARE the lighter HUED of People. And, as we’ve been ‘told’ through the tomes of faiths, WE are made FROM THE EARTH to return to it. With that in mind, the possible mindset may be that those of LESS “EARTH-TONES” consider themselves having been “PURIFIED” of the “MUD’S” OTHER contributing elements… To have had their “genes” better “SIFTED”= PURER. A lot of the foundational bolstering can be traced to the stories of the world’s three prominent faiths.


There ARE those attempting to become the “uber overseer” of this Nation that “WOULD” delete the line between CHURCH and STATE leaving this “conundrum” of “JUST-US” to DEADLIER “FUTURE” for those who have no need for the ‘TANNING BED’.

The times of “STRANGE FRUIT” was thought to be ‘PAST’…

But, the mind of those who believe the creator bestowed the most blessings on “THEIR KIND” is ever vigilant to the nuances of inflicting NEWER pains, and EXCUSES for their behaviors. Especially when so many that “don’t glow in the dark” have CASTLES just like theirs.
It’s funny that the “chief executive” that signed the offending law to expedite this type of horror had a sibling have similar in TEXAS on HIS “watche’s” finish.

( George W. Bush served as the 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 until 2000),

It WASN’T until much later that the crime was “CONSIDERED” to be a HATE CRIME.

UPI-32121275752824/ )

Two views, time sees “it” from a different beat… but, it’s the same question.

And, it seems that another police department is going to take its time to bring JUSTICE to “JUST-US” in THIS matter.

arrest-white-neighborhood-watch-leader )

The CRIMES remain the SAME… Its just the TOOLS that have changed.


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Having this piece of true reality come to light was the revelation that’s been needed for some time.TRANSPARENCY is RELATIVE… to the WHO ‘gets away with it’.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to read the entirety of this as you’ve played the offered video, “THIS IS HOW WE DO IT” by Montell, ( “MAN ! TELL these folks what’s REALLY Goin’ ON !!), Jorden.

Branding the policies and ideals of WHAT the GOP says and WHAT they actually DO is being sold to their faithful as DISNEY SELLS their latest movie’s toy at McDonald’s. The “BRAND SPANKING” New Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina has resigned from said ELECTED JOB that he’d “worked” so hard to get. Within a few hours after he’d done so he was indicted on seven ethics violations.

resigns-amid-campaign-finance-probe/1?csp=34news )

This is “such a tragedy”, due to the SUPREME COURT mandated opening of the VAULTS called SUPER PACS to a “Government” that is the best that MONEY can BUY.


If the severity of WHAT has happened here hasn’t HARPOONED itself into the WHALE sized alarm system in your brain give it some time. Don’t take too long,as the elections ARE upon us and the “BIGGER” Kids’ cliques are the ones that set this up.
And, YES ! IT IS happening on “BOTH” sides… the INNER, and OUTER “CIRCLE’S”

It’s like I KEEP TELLING YOU…PAY ATTENTION!!!!! You’ve let “them” walk onto YOUR PORCH with that bag “of”, getting ready to light it, You’ve WATCHED them, yet you’ll just go out the door STOMP “it” out.. AND, WALK BACK INTO THE HOUSE. WITHOUT WIPING YOUR FEET !!!



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Now It’s Happening to WHITE FOLKS

The world IS crazy! “Super Tuesday” was March 6, 2012, the Republican Party had Four Band Leaders vying for the Spike Jones Tribute Orchestra.

The United States House and Congress passed the VOTER’S Rights Act, (, of 1964. Signed by Texan Lyndon B. Johnson.

This is a story that is absurd in its being ABLE to happen, especially to the People that it did. The even more absurd part of this is that ONLY ONE LOCAL ‘news’ agency, (? Channel 10/ WBNS), OFFERED the information. Which HAS NOT made National “news” as IT SHOULD HAVE. Thereby nullifying the term NATIONAL NEWS. As of 9:30 p.m. Wednesday March 7,2012 this has not been placed into the Google search engine files. But, if you need the information you must contact the FRANKLIN COUNTY BOARD of ELECTIONS.

Westerville, Ohio poll workers VIOLATED the Voter’s rights Act LAW on Tuesday March 6, 2012 when TWO young NON- African_American males walked into the small North-Eastern suburb of Columbus, Ohio to cast their votes for whomever. The reason for their expulsion by the poll workers was for the “fact” that they were wearing their SCHOOL’S NAME on what looked like BASEBALL Jerseys. I briefly heard one of the young men say that he offered to put tape over the (?) “offensive” name of the in-town educational institution for a quick solution to the dilemma. The officials wouldn’t allow them to VOTE !?!

The question IS just WHO is being put “IN CHARGE” of this SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT responsibility. And, WHERE did they receive their “education” of the rules and regulations of official POLLING sites ? If this “can” happen to TWO ‘WHITE FOLKS’ in a STATE that HAS produced EIGHT PRESIDENTS of this NATION, WHO WILL BE NEXT !?! I can’t say if this is a new type of tactic, since Ohio IS the State that gave us the “GEE-DUB” voting machine scandal.

I’ve said this more times than I should HAVE TO… PAY ATTENTION, this may “ONLY” be a “TEST”. FAILURE CANNOT be an OPTION.

Remember this jab the next time you get ready to walk into that “booth”… On the next “SUPER TUESDAY” , CHOOSE THE SOUP!

SO, as we “saunter” through this season of the ‘RED’ “TEAM” being the “strength and wisdom” of these “UNITED STATES” take heed of the above then remember their ‘brand’ of “PEACE”…

A message from the GREATEST GENERATION.


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Slapped By the FLUKE of a WHALE of a “BLUNDER”

Little PLUSHIE LIMPAW got himself caught in the teeth of ANOTHER SNARK attack of his own “right”-minded CHUM.


This is fun for the fact that we have one of the MOST GLARING examples of WHAT IS WRONG with the “SOCIETY” we have allowed to be the KUDZU that’s smothering this ‘NATION’. HOW “we” have let this type of DERISIVENESS be TYPHOYDED MARY-LY along the synaptic paths is an attestment of the DUMBING,(MORE), DOWN of a PROMISE.

The interesting part of cobbling this post together is that it was too easy to gather the similes. The young ‘Calf’ that IS making her way into the POD of being a PRODUCTIVE part OF the Pod. She had decided to present her call across the vast waters of opinion about how the environment surrounding her, (and ALL like her.), becoming TOXIC. Low and “B-HOLED”, the ‘Calf’ is attacked by a ‘BULL’ Snark, already overfed from its feasting through the “RED TIDE”. ( Brave ‘Calf’ holds her “ground” as the attack is unfounded and completely wrong. The Pod of “BLUE” Whales begin the protective chase through the TOXIC ‘RED TIDE’ disrupting its “flow” as the ‘BULL’ Snark eventually is chased from even the “TIDE”.

This “ain’t no “FREE, WILLY”. And, should serve a lesson to those that feel obligated to batter the better being/ Beings around them.


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WHAT! Oh, He Wasn’t Thinking


The Soldiers that “accidentally” burned a set of Qur’ans have been identified, but WILL NOT be named. The gist of the article seems to attempt an exoneration of some sort. A demotion or such, whereas the Afghan people want an immediate trial IN THEIR COURT.

When going through the comment section the timbre of HOW the story was presented prompted me here… sobrien883 wrote: 5:02 PM GMT-0500

“So we’re going to wreck five military careers? Obama never ever should have said that people would be “held accountable.” Some young soldier will now pay the price–and for what, a simple mistake. Would that officers in that command have the courage to say no, we’re not going to burn these guys”…..

The most disquieting gravitational pull is that this person is defending Five People that HAVE done something wrong. Unknowingly… maybe, but if they’d spent any time PAYING ATTENTION ot what they’d read, heard or SEEN these few moments would not be happening. But, they ARE.

How CAN someone “worry” about WHAT a “career’s” weight will “lose” of those five people when THERE ARE SIX that had NOTHING to do with the cause of this MATTER HAVE GIVEN THEIR LIVES NEEDLESSLY?

It’s a short thought, but a THOUGHT. UNSELFISH and unapologetic. A THOUGHT of WHY should the “concern” be directed to the LIVING CULPRIT… INSTEAD of the AMBUSHED HEROES? This is the difference…

Instead of this…

The biggest question is WHO, that holds the reins of “RESPONIBILITY”, WILL take up their Sword to stop the “GRUNTS” from paying for a “Superior’s “mistake”?


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