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Over the past ten years the State of OHIO HAS been given information’s where companies , like AT&T to have used the method of “automatic bill pay” to EXTRACT the “service” amount TWO to THREE times BEFORE the agreed time. Upon notifying Attorney General, Michael De Wine’s office* instead of asking to view the PROOFS, (Even BANK Acct. evidences!), THEY CALLED AT&T to have someone tell them that the company “HADN’T DONE SO”. *( His office has assisted to further prevent my being able to be employed by using an INEPT “background check” that says the F.B.I. a.) DOESN’T “know” if I’m a CITIZEN b.) HAD to use a 38 year old traffic CHARGE…DISMISSED… to render prospective employers to pass me over. The background reason ISN’T sent WITH the originating infomation, it MUST BE REQUESTED. My Mother HAS my 1967 Montreal, Quebec, CANADA PASSPORT that IS VERY BASIC PROOF of my CITIZENSHIP. “WE” wonder at the CHICANERY of our elected!?!)

Later, an injury incurred at a EMPLOYER SITE has been SCHEMED to NOT allow a RETURN TO WORK… SEVEN YEARS NOW. I’d walked THROUGH a QUARTER INCH glass surround of a revolving door, the building was under RE-CONSTRUCTION  as the auditorium FLOOR, for ROCK SHOWS, (AND SUCH.), was about to DROP onto the PUBLIC EATING/SHOPS area. The  site management company, “S.M.G.”, ( A subsidiary of COMCAST.), “FAILED” to REPORT the LOSS of NERVES, and LIGIMENTS ,even to denying responsibilty. ( One of the DECIDING TRUSTEES of the entity IS, NOW SERVING FEDERAL TIME for BRIBERY of the COLUMBUS,OHIO City Council Members, ( REDFLEX- RED light CAMERA contracts.)) . The Bureau of WORKERS “Compensation” HAS done EVERYTHING they can to keep S.M.G.’s GLUTEs covered. Even to LOSSING DOCUMENTATION of PROOF. The WHITE HOUSE has avoided recognizing the CRIME… sending newsletters, instead of doing what ‘must’ be done. ( ANY “WONDER” too WHY “WE” ARE in the CESSPOOL “WE” ARE!?!

To end this little “rocket’s RED, (As in SEEING.),GLARE…


TICK= An AMBUSH hunting, DISEASE RIDDLED, BLOOD                                                                           SUCKING Animal/ INSECT.

In this year of GRAVITATIONAL THOUGHT and DECISIONS, of the WHO’s “WE” ‘want’/ CHOOSE to KEEP U(.)S(.) “SAFE”. Remember HOW ICELAND handled those that HIDE ‘wrong’s’ enrichments… while the “ROOT” system loses “ground”, by hte EROSIONS of  a grounded ‘leadership’.

The “saddest” point of this IS that a MINORITY, Senior Citizen, UNION , (ex),member, (of 20 plus years.) has been rendered as close to a LIVING EXTINCTION as these magnificent political Mengele’s* can strive to make.