Slapped By the FLUKE of a WHALE of a “BLUNDER”

04 Mar

Little PLUSHIE LIMPAW got himself caught in the teeth of ANOTHER SNARK attack of his own “right”-minded CHUM.


This is fun for the fact that we have one of the MOST GLARING examples of WHAT IS WRONG with the “SOCIETY” we have allowed to be the KUDZU that’s smothering this ‘NATION’. HOW “we” have let this type of DERISIVENESS be TYPHOYDED MARY-LY along the synaptic paths is an attestment of the DUMBING,(MORE), DOWN of a PROMISE.

The interesting part of cobbling this post together is that it was too easy to gather the similes. The young ‘Calf’ that IS making her way into the POD of being a PRODUCTIVE part OF the Pod. She had decided to present her call across the vast waters of opinion about how the environment surrounding her, (and ALL like her.), becoming TOXIC. Low and “B-HOLED”, the ‘Calf’ is attacked by a ‘BULL’ Snark, already overfed from its feasting through the “RED TIDE”. ( Brave ‘Calf’ holds her “ground” as the attack is unfounded and completely wrong. The Pod of “BLUE” Whales begin the protective chase through the TOXIC ‘RED TIDE’ disrupting its “flow” as the ‘BULL’ Snark eventually is chased from even the “TIDE”.

This “ain’t no “FREE, WILLY”. And, should serve a lesson to those that feel obligated to batter the better being/ Beings around them.


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