The DEATH-Throws of a ‘Dream’s’ Machine

01 Mar

I’d like for you to look at the vertical piece of metal hanging from the ring located between “JUSTICE’S” Thumb and Index fingers. That device is what makes her ‘tool’ WORK. You “learned” the description of it as the name of FULCRUM,

(, and

For the exercise of UNDERSTANDING and GOVERNANCE a FULCRUM has ALWAYS been at the mechanical point of “TOP-‘Dead’-CENTER”. Thus the person that has chosen to accept such a difficult POSITION of the JOB is called a CENTRIST.


The people that choose to STAND as the BULL’S EYE, those that really know the Parties’ “STORY” Lines,(= “BULL”.), but WILL stand fast, inside the ring that is the smallest possible access point / exit point, to “THE PEOPLE” / from “THE PILE”. These brave souls are often the target when the “blunder-busters'” knees have no more strength to hold them up. Or, to “lobby” someone else.

As a representative of the term CENTRIST MAINE’S Olympia Snowe,
1.) (,
2.) (,
and lastly a statement from the “Republican” party…
3.) (,
who IS SOOOO angry that he’s forgotten that Ms. Snowe IS actually a “fellow” “REPUBLICAN”.

Number four of the links listings is the “revelation” of the ‘WHAT’ that has happened to the checks and balances necessary FOR JUSTICE’S tool to function PROPERLY. As this political season of the twitch gains momentum from the burning leaf litter…

the uncontrolled sparks seem to have begun to singe Justice’s Gown. Only time will tell us ALL if there will be enough, or ANY, of US to rush to her safety and douse the embers before they catch. Or, that she is forced to drop her LEFT hand while avoiding evisceration by the Sword in her RIGHT hand?

Only those that LIVE within the CENTER HUB called DILIGENCE can be aware to weigh that most important type of DECISION. Most of us find it very difficult to determine LEFT, or RIGHT when the WINDS OF CHANGE are tearing the HOUSE down.


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