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It can’t be a wonder that the “weaker sex” IS the one with the “OUTSIDE COOLING UNIT”. Which doesn’t, unless it’s been sent to some sort of “repair” entity.

When this happens during a period of quasi “RULE” there is an unusual need to BLAME the malfunction on the estrogen generator. “Couple” this to the “cooling unit” getting caught within some sort of “binder” and, there WILL be a “SHOWDOWN to BRING A “hoe” DOWN.Even though the accused IS more INNOCENT than her QUARRY MASTER.


dear Colleen of Magdalaynah

was sifting ash they say

when Puffum Piltdown lost his tooth

couldn’t whistle harm away

he called friend the counsellor

to render cause lost toot

see Gibson Dunng you know the one

his record stands on self to boot

no need for real tight reasons

you’ve quite in front of you

but watch for subord’s treasons

if none believe you’re through

so Puffum called his conference

the neighbors all were shocked

as they got to the dias

there was Colleen’s name

covering the pile of rocks

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Realizing “PAVLOV’S” Methodology


How many people do YOU think muttered, uttered, mused, BLURTED… “TOLD ‘YA”(!)  ?

‘THEY’ are FINALLY getting the GIST, (“…JUSTES), of Orwell, [1984], and, Herbert, [Dosadi] minglings of “socio-scientific”  “THUMBINGS”, ( by the NOSE and, UNDER one(‘s).). The “best and, the brightest” are merely WELL TRAINED CANIDS. Wiley, “SLY AS”, concerned about the ‘LOOK’ of THEIR lives. Bringing the newest “wheel” to transport the mind / imagination IS a WORTHY accomplishment. But, to IGNORE those that “helped to SET UP said SHOP” by NOT providing the restitution of ‘FAITH’ imbued IS the reason why too many look at “the ugly American”… especially when “THEY ARE ONE’S NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBOR “. The new age of FISCAL THUGGERY has commenced IN “EARN-IST”. Those that have their niche of ability are finding that “the few and the CROWD” CAN work miracles. The FEW just won’t dispense the “miracle” in return.

It’s an “ages old” condition that grows more intense as the WORLD gets more populated. If a “pathogen HAS no close transfer “item” it either goes dormant, OR DIES!


a spoiled child

may have

have not

but as they grow

what will they blot

so when a ship

contains their name

will there be glories

continued shames

to alpha chase

rend offering paw

not too far past

a jungle’s “law”




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The ‘OPINION PAGE’ as Truth
BEASTIE BOYS settlement.
to WHOM this should concern:

Your article by Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAY 10:51 a.m. EDT March 18, 2014, IS COMPLETELY askew. The company GoldieBlox SETTLED WITH the group for their MISUSE of a COPYRIGHTED music’s LYRICS. As I gloss YOUR renditions of the “TRUTH” I find that making large amounts of money for writing false opinions is what your entity IS ABOUT. Thus making your Corporate monicker correct… U.S.A.-TODAY.

The above is what I sent to the ‘authorities’ of USA-TODAY.




Beastie Boys settle lawsuit with toy maker over ‘Girls’ parody ad


Bruce Horovitz

Bruce Horovitz

Bruce Horovitz is a marketing reporter with an unnatural urge to know exactly what gets stuffed into consumer shopping carts, consumer stomachs and consumer egos — and why. His professional passion is peeling off the layers behind the hype.
Well, and good, that the above is such an expert. As I’ve been known to do is to give credit where it’s due… and, to show “the reader” where to put on a mask for the toxicities of “truths” that large monied un-information groups splash the thought offals.
BUT, as the site title informs… YOU are just a “blind Horse”.
Tah-2, “D”

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Happy Pi Day !!!.! !!!!

Forbes Thought Of The Day

Experience and enthusiasm are two fine business attributes seldom found in one individual. ”

— William Feather


Pi= (




One, taxes the MEMORY.

ONE taxes forgetfulness.

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As “IF”, NOT “the” Movie




Pick “one’, ANY one “reason” that someone would choose to obliterate another’s LIFE. After you’ve pondered this ADD the mentality of ANY OTHER regional ‘reason’ for just such an act. There ARE MANY that will / are  / have / want to / PLAN TO. Include that the angst of how TWO BROTHERS, ( Jacob and Esau), became the MEN that “they HAVE”. Cover with the “baste” of History…

forgetfulnesses…so lightly touched upon in the Kevin Costner / Morgan Freeman version of “Robinhood”.

As we are, now, in the age of “instantaneous”, the film, “BLACK SUNDAY” appeared to the mind. “An” EVENT of “indeterminate” INTEREST BECOMES a WORLD-WIDE expression of ‘HATE’… Via the loading of extraordinary destructive material into a Passenger plane that’s “been lost”. The range makes for a myriad of possibilities. And, the fact that the “world’ could ‘loose’ something that large is “the great train’s robbery” in a nutshell.

I hope that I’m wrong on this. BUT, Sarah Palin WAS correct about Putin going into CRIMEA… UKRAINE.



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a TEX-ASS “TERN”-About


this tongue-n-cheek

t’weren’t  for the meek

this “tern”-about

too spicy for the "mountain" folk.

too spicy for the “mountain” folk.

repurcussive clout

but watch

what’s NEXT

up sleeves

++++++This is the first FOX article that I’ve presented as “A-POSITIVE”, (There are TWO ways of THINKING about this.)

1.) (“Star” this one.)



For all the folk that the companies like Google provide to make sure that their site users FIND THE “EXACT” “thing’ that they’re looking for you’d think that the company WOULD HIRE SOME that WOULD ALLOW for THIS TYPE , ( Use your DOUBLE ENTENDRE dictionaries Kids.), of verbiage. Sadly, NO!

But, the FUN of watching faces, on the street, or through the ‘web-cam’ would BE … PRICELESS .


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Qu Qlux Qlan: East Division


I’m NOT going to give much space to the above site’s gist. It reads PLAINLY for itself. It seems to not matter where humanity resides, there ARE those that believe that THEY are the “MORE” important of the CITIZENRY than ANY “ONE”, ( I’m referring to CHINA, a nation that is just being released from years of POLITICAL (‘CHIN-NA’), [, via their Maoist years of existence. For all their accelerated improvements there seems to be a small connection to the term “grand DRAGON”.

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