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well so much for the “ ‘TIS of THEE”

republc’s thoughts of “only me”

the “persons’ hoods are fully drawn

“elected’s” show they’re TOTAL PAWNS


as time we’d known has “slipped” away

the children cry for “BRIGHTERS'”  days

as Mares pace with ‘stallions’



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“Web-er” Beware


These things are NO LONGER CREEPY, I’ve been going over the orb’s ‘human’ events. The link above caught the inquisitive so I tapped…

Upon moving my cursor TO the top of the page another ‘window’ jumped into a momentary view, to attempt to hide behind the page selected. I NOTICED the maneuver and peeped to see that ABCNEWS.con, GOOGLE and MICROSOFT HAVE SPIED to sell MORE POOR-formance entrenching poop.

The window had a ‘simple’ sentence, ( how correct.)… “YOUR WINDOWS machine HAS poor PERFORMANCE, click below to (THE) Fix.”

I got rid of the polyp then came here, to urge any, and ALL to band together to tell, (FROM THE TOP DOWN!), that I will NOT become the “FLUFFER” for their inept ability to PERFORM “as ADVERTISED”! If Tre-Henry IS going to try to make ME pay for HIS TRAINING those that ARE ‘PERFORMING’ the CRIMINAL ACTS against the WORLD HE had better realize that a “TEAM” effort of wrong doing IS categorized as RICO. AND, the TEAM’S players IDENTIFY themselves EVERY time WE LOG ON. WHY HASN’T SOMEONE NOTICED and DONE SOMETHING!?!

I have a proposal that may set the “MEDIAS” squarely ON their own PETARD…

With operating systems, LIKE LINUX, being ABLE to work a computer in only 256 MB of RAM, and it WOULD do so ON A 386 system FASTER than 98% of the over touted WIN-OS configs AFTER XP.. OH(!), did I mention that these OS’ ARE FREE to DOWNLOAD ? In doing something like this the THIEVES and Charlatans WILL be thoroughly THWARTED by the FACT that there are TOO MANY VARIATIONS for them to connect through. I.E.: Have you ever watched RAIN falling on the windshield of a vehicle? The reason WHY each droplet seems to nudge toward another is the science of HYGROSCOPY= Water seeks “ITSELF”, attracts its “twin, octuplet… “GOOGUPLET”. THAT’s HOW the virus’ kill machines, how the ‘hackers’ can steal TARGET’S CHRISTMAS from their “custom”-ers. In KEEPING these systems for, about, TWO YEARS MICROSOFT , ANYBODY would HAVE to bring “CUSTOM”, not CRASHDOM, back into their CORPORATE VISION. And, if you’ve run Windows LINUX is but a syntax away.


For all those that “thought” that “The MATRIX” was fantasy, my HEARTBLEED(S) for YOU.

OH, yeah, there’s word, somewhere on the Internet, that Bill Gates has desire to be “RID” of his ownership of shares in MICROSOFT. If true that would mean that the above is creepier than I had wanted to portray.

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… CAN’T rise ‘ABOVE’



If you’re NOT selling your “MUSE, INK” to those that need a “BEATZ”-treat what BETTER way to GERM-INNATE a SYNAPTIC TSUNAMI than to “PASS” some TRITE to an OFAY, (, EDITORIAL ENTITY, like GAWKER. That’s about all that “needs” to be written here, as the “BRA(H)” that took the time to fellate the “staff”  of Gawker has “extended” HIS scribanous OIL BATH in excess of what’s been “pumped” from Syria alone.

With that, HAVE AT.


what “better” way
to get some “play”
for “linen” folk
all about one’s “SEFF”

“identified” by splatter
and wind for ‘Bounty’ proud
a puffed presumptual blather
to find some sort of crowd

the reasons much like Tokowitz
you MAY know who that is
you’ll NOT get a deal that “fits”
boxed SAND a place for KIDS

the trap where dove has you ensnared
so like the “girls” he loved
but of your “truths” like cause compares
the premise CAN’T rise ‘ABOVE’


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but, fallen to
a stretch of STRAINS

The “wiz-dumb” “of”
weak “poll-let’s-see”
has placed your view
NOT from above

Those ONCE who saw
the bronze-“ISH” KNIGHT
watch as you shirk

With history close
and by YOUR sides
it’s TIME the PEOPLE

WE’VE called YOUR name
to get some VASSAL
that cannot hear
gives “HOPE” a HASSLE

Now, as “it’s” CLOSE
if YOU WANT this “JOB”

A voice once touted
a PROMISE made
far past THIS LAND

some BARELY “there”
simple DREAD to FEAR
though platform of “TO SHARE”

stop this “DERANGED” ACT


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Now It’s Happening to WHITE FOLKS

The world IS crazy! “Super Tuesday” was March 6, 2012, the Republican Party had Four Band Leaders vying for the Spike Jones Tribute Orchestra.

The United States House and Congress passed the VOTER’S Rights Act, (, of 1964. Signed by Texan Lyndon B. Johnson.

This is a story that is absurd in its being ABLE to happen, especially to the People that it did. The even more absurd part of this is that ONLY ONE LOCAL ‘news’ agency, (? Channel 10/ WBNS), OFFERED the information. Which HAS NOT made National “news” as IT SHOULD HAVE. Thereby nullifying the term NATIONAL NEWS. As of 9:30 p.m. Wednesday March 7,2012 this has not been placed into the Google search engine files. But, if you need the information you must contact the FRANKLIN COUNTY BOARD of ELECTIONS.

Westerville, Ohio poll workers VIOLATED the Voter’s rights Act LAW on Tuesday March 6, 2012 when TWO young NON- African_American males walked into the small North-Eastern suburb of Columbus, Ohio to cast their votes for whomever. The reason for their expulsion by the poll workers was for the “fact” that they were wearing their SCHOOL’S NAME on what looked like BASEBALL Jerseys. I briefly heard one of the young men say that he offered to put tape over the (?) “offensive” name of the in-town educational institution for a quick solution to the dilemma. The officials wouldn’t allow them to VOTE !?!

The question IS just WHO is being put “IN CHARGE” of this SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT responsibility. And, WHERE did they receive their “education” of the rules and regulations of official POLLING sites ? If this “can” happen to TWO ‘WHITE FOLKS’ in a STATE that HAS produced EIGHT PRESIDENTS of this NATION, WHO WILL BE NEXT !?! I can’t say if this is a new type of tactic, since Ohio IS the State that gave us the “GEE-DUB” voting machine scandal.

I’ve said this more times than I should HAVE TO… PAY ATTENTION, this may “ONLY” be a “TEST”. FAILURE CANNOT be an OPTION.

Remember this jab the next time you get ready to walk into that “booth”… On the next “SUPER TUESDAY” , CHOOSE THE SOUP!

SO, as we “saunter” through this season of the ‘RED’ “TEAM” being the “strength and wisdom” of these “UNITED STATES” take heed of the above then remember their ‘brand’ of “PEACE”…

A message from the GREATEST GENERATION.


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ISSUE Number ONE: the ‘WHACK’ History Review (21812)

There’s no time like the PRESENT. And, for the inauguration of something like this the “SOCIAL” thing to do is to go by…


Who would have conceived,( a “double entendre”.), that such a ‘lovely’ young woman would transmogrify into this?..

Over the past few years Elizabeth Trotta has been the feminine cackle of the CONSERVATIVE, (does this mean, another double entendre, “To NOT Serve?), Journalistic,( say that word with a “Scandinavian” accent.), forces.She has been the New York bureau ‘cheese’ from, ( DON’T touch “IT”.), The Unification Church OWNED WASHINGTON TIMES.( Not too long ago the LANTERN, of ‘THE’ Ohio State University ran an advertisement that was ANTI-MUSLIM. It was uncovered that the ADVISER okaying the ad was a former staff journalist at the Washington Times.)

The “interesting” fact of these feints-within-feints-within-feints is that, ( as you’ll learn.), the MEDIA providing our all too important daily knowledges are run by those who “seem” to have a ‘nefarious’ agenda. Liz works for FOX, an “information” entity with their incorporation ownership signature being that of one RUPERT MURDOCH, (, his “staff” fast becoming the FELONY news winners for BRIBING the British constabulary.

Liz, I say it this way because I have tremens thinking that this ‘woman’ could be married, has given us some extraordinary bytes of “thought”…

… And, most recently…(,

I have EVERY confidence that Liz Trotta WOULD NOT suffer the CRIMES she dismisses were SHE to go into a combat zone with a group of virile young men.For whatever durational proximity. Though quite offensive the following graphic has a distinctive truth displayed by what the “Trotta” pervasion is expressing. The “AGENDA”, (probably linked to the scripting of a “silioquist” of the Abode.)… From the MAY 26, 2008 article by Joyce Ladner Ph.D….

The list of the Conservative effrontery grows by their do nothing minutes. Caucasian male Politicians cover the fact that they’ve ogled the First Lady’s Physique through their statements about Her effectiveness on Childrens’ HEALTH and NUTRITIONAL ISSUES by DESCRIBING the FULLNESS of Her “seating” arrangement. These same have NO COMMENT when they hear of DE-TAIL-ED accountings of Jack Kennedy’s forcable, in-the-WHITE-HOUSE “tryst” with a barely-“OF”-“AGE” Page. ( Double entendre # 3.). Oh, have any of you LISTENED to the newly de-classified audio tapes of Mrs. Kennedy? Don’t they contain the SAME TIMBRE and “sultriness” heard during MARILYN’S “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” sonata?

I do believe that “TH-THH-, I can’t do this correctly, so, to all that read this, this IS how I’ve felt about your efforts. MORE TO COME…

So, to ALL you BLIND HORSES out there. Make sure the “OATS” you’re so concerned about are contained in YOUR ‘BUCKETS’. (Double entendre #4)

From: the Files of, wow,the TIMING of this POST is “read-i-culous”…


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Think About THIS At Your Next ‘REDSKINS’ or ‘CHIEFS’ Game

When queried about “HOW MANY BEER COMMERCIALS PLAYED DURING THE XLVI SUPER BOWL one of the answering sites placed the number at EIGHT. That just goes to show how insidious these companies are about “SUBLIMINALLY” duping the “viewer” with their version of “THE THIMBLRIG”, commonly known as the “SHELL” game. The answer is much closer to TWELVE, or don’t you remember the GE slot of ‘SLUTDOM’? The fact that General Electric IS proud to enable Anheuser-Busch InBev Worldwide Inc to piggy-back a “dime” or two’s savings on the festivity’s exorbitant fees is on the border of COLLUSION.
That’s nothing compared to what “she’s” commin’ ’round” the ROCKIES with “today”. There’s scientific AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL EVIDENCE of what I’M RE-PRINTING FROM REUTERS.COM. (

A Native American Indian tribe sued leading beer makers seeking $500 million in damages and accusing them of knowingly contributing to “crippling” alcoholism rates on one of the nation’s largest reservations in South Dakota.

The suit, filed by the Oglala Sioux tribe, alleges the brewers are “engaged in a common enterprise focused on assisting and participating in the illegal importation of alcohol” onto the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where the sale, possession and consumption of alcohol is illegal.

The brewers sued include Anheuser-Busch InBev Worldwide Inc, SAB Miller, Molson Coors Brewing Company and Pabst Brewing Company, as well as four retailers in Whiteclay, Neb., and the distributors who sell to them.

The lawsuit, filed on Thursday in federal court in Lincoln, Neb., claims the defendants have knowingly turned Whiteclay, a small town Nebraska side of the border with South Dakota, into a major source of alcohol smuggling to the reservation. Whiteclay sells volumes of beer “far in excess of an amount that could be sold in compliance with the laws of the state of Nebraska.”

The lawsuit says Whiteclay has a population of fewer than 12 people and “no publicly accessible place to lawfully consume alcohol.” Yet each day, the four retailers in town sell more than 13,000 cans of beer.

Much of that beer ends up on the reservation, according to the lawsuit, where it has “devastating effects” on the tribe.

The suit says alcoholism is a scourge on Pine Ridge, a 2 million-acre reservation in southwestern South Dakota that is home to an estimated 40,000 people, most of them enrolled members of the Oglala Sioux tribe.

Eighty-five percent of the tribe’s members are “affected by alcoholism,” according to the suit, and one in four children born on Pine Ridge is diagnosed with either fetal alcohol syndrome or fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

The tribe is seeking $500 million in compensation to pay for “all damages it has suffered in the past and in reasonably likely to suffer in the future” as a result of the alcohol sales in Whiteclay.

SAB Miller declined to comment on the lawsuit. Anheuser-Busch InBev Worldwide Inc and Molson Coors Brewing Company did not immediately respond to request for comment.

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is one of the poorest spots in the country, according to the U.S. Census. More than 50 percent of its residents live below the poverty line, compared with 15.1 percent nationally. Shannon County, which lies entirely within the reservation, is the third poorest county in the country, the Census says.

The unemployment rate consistently tops 80 percent, according to most estimates. Violent crime and other social ills, including a high suicide rate, are all major problems on the reservation, according to the National Institute of Justice, the research arm of the U.S. Department of Justice.

A 2011 Centers for Disease Control report on the health of racial groups said that Native Americans report more binge drinking episodes per month and higher alcohol consumption per episode than other races.

A number of theories have been suggested to explain why binge drinking — defined as five drinks in a sitting for men and four for women — is such a problem among Native Americans, according to a National Institutes of Health survey of literature.

Among those are high unemployment and poverty rates on reservations, NIH said. Of the five counties in the United States with poverty rates greater than 39 percent, four are located within American Indian reservations, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

One other theory is that American Indian traditional culture may help explain the attraction of drinking. American Indians may “drink rapidly to induce an altered state of consciousness, a practice congruent with some Native American practices,” the NIH survey said.

(Reporting by James B. Kelleher; Editing by Daniel Trotta and Greg McCune)

“They’ve” “let” this continue from Jamestown through TODAY. THIS is the LEADING CAUSE of why super OLYMPIAN and FOOTBALL STAR JIM THORPE had such a trying final days. Now some of OUR ‘FIRST PEOPLE’ don’t get a “fighting” start.
Or, this may be WASHINGTON’S small-pox on the folks that embarrassed them at THE LITTLE BIG HORN, where arrogance proved a deadly personality trait.

“They’ve” changed the breakfast menu to a LIQUID DIE(T) “now”.


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