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As ONE that had been a MEMBER of A UNION, (I.A.T.S.E.,Locals# 363- Reno, NV. And 12-Columbus,OH.), the situation of WHAT is transpiring in these “UNITED” STATES of AMERICA has merit on BOTH SIDES. But, those that USE the WORKERS for their nefarious reasons makes the transition of these LAWS’ intentions MOST INTERESTING

Is “IT” : The “NEEDS” of the many, or, the GREEDS of the MANY…
That ‘outweigh’ the NEEDS of the few?

The types of growths that UNIONISM has ‘ACHIEVED’ throughout its HISTORY is a ‘STUDY’ in the GREATNESSES of AMERICAN “SPIRIT”, and “CROWD” MANIPULATIVITY.

The long, and short of the “RIGHT-to-WORK” legislation, currently “being DECIDED” on, by Michigan Governor RICK SNYDER, (, has made HIS STATE the latest FOCAL POINT of “HOW” BIG BUSINESS IS manipulating their “bottom-line” DARKER via the working PEOPLE’S seeing theirs fading. (

Many have NO IDEA of what, the term , “RIGHT-to-WORK”*, actually means. The “prominent” CONFUSIONARY, JUSTINUS PREAUX-CAAN, ( Holder of the DEGREE: “The ODDEST-of-FELLOWS”, of the FULCRUM-LEVEL Institute, located in SANDY SHORES, CALIFORNIA.), has been slightly vocal, when asked to clarify what he sees in this historic vote. So, this editor has filled the appropriate spaces with common informations from across the Internet’s vast “knowledge” arena. First, and foremost, let’s begin AT “the BEGINNING”: the TAFT-HARTLEY ACT, successor to the NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS ACT.


And, just HOW does THIS ‘affect’ YOU?


After looking over the informations I’d assembled, ( I’m my OWN editor, I can’t “afford” another’s opinion of my work.), ‘Oddest Fellow’ Preaux-Caan assessed… “YYEEEEPPPP!”. But, told me that he HAD to excuse himself, because he had to dash to his TRIPLETS’ School since his Wife had just been notified that “SCHOOL HAD BEEN CANCELED(!?!)”, and they were “JUST” getting told so, due to UNDERSTAFFINGS.

The TWO BEST thoughts I’ve seen published are from the WASHINGTON POST
article that started this:

““People don’t understand the labor movement,” said protester Sharon Mowers, 54, of Lansing, a United Auto Workers member and General Motors employee. “They don’t understand the sacrifices people made to get us to this point.”

Indeed(!), MATEWAN saw my Grandfather’s BROTHER get EVISCERATED by a run-away conveyor belt, cut to shut down production for a time.


” “As they say in sports, the atmosphere in the locker room gets a lot better when the team’s winning,” he said.*

Sen. John Proos, a Republican from St. Joseph who voted for the right-to-work bills last week, said opponents had a right to voice their anger but predicted it would fade as the shift in policy brings more jobs to Michigan.”

* Coming from the State that contains The DETROIT LIONS NFL team franchise.

Well , to ALL those reading…
HAPPY HOLY DAYS / Happy Holidays!

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For the MANY of us that are STILL without GAIN-FULL EMPLOYMENT the “FISCAL CLIFF” Has been Shredding OUR hides for SOME TIME. Add the fact that THIS nation is about to have MORE SENIOR CITIZENS than YOUTH. The business infrastructure is about to topple due to “BUSINESS” forgetting that PEOPLE ARE the REASON for the term CUSTOMER. Without a C.U.S.T.O.M.E.R. there is NO CUSTOM of the exchange of ‘GOODS’ for “SERVICES”.

As our “ELECTED”, new and ensconced, diddle with HOW they’re going to spend “our” monies the “PENDULUM” swinging over the Trachea of the
nearly 13.3 million unemployed people in the U.S. has been FILLIBUS-TURD for so many instances that there will be many that HAVE WORKED their entire lives not being able to pay their bills, or FEED THEMSELVES… making the GOVERNMENT “DOLE” that much STEEPER.

If there were a comparison of RUTHLESS “GOVERNANCE” it would be the SIMILE to Martin Niemoeller’s most descriptive observation of the “HOW” of German REICH-‘HOOD’…

In Germany they first came for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me —
and by that time no one was left to speak up.


If we continue to allow “Business” to dictate the way WE LIVE OUR LIVES,( EDUCATION= Graduates NOT being able to enter the “job market” with USABLE SKILLS, after paying for the KENNEDY COMPOUND in TUITION FEES ALONE!). Our banks being so GREEDY that they would take the LAST TWENTY DOLLARS from an account that THEY HAD screwed up,( I Have a Federal Case against J.P.M. CHASE for too many to mention here.), and then close the account to thwart the GOVERNMENT’S looking into the matter. (The SCANDALS are GETTING BIGGER… AND CLOSER TO “HOME”.). If the CITIZENRY don’t WAKE-UP / PAY ATTENTION (!) there WILL be NOBODY LEFT.

The real point of this RANT is that I would rather BE GAIN-FULLY EMPLOYED!
If THIS NATION could get its collective head around the premise of EVERY DOLLAR being a SEED planted in the medium of the HUMAN SOILS. EACH Dollar, properly “STIMULATED” AND protected against “VERMIN” would GROW. But, unlike the “LITTLE RED HEN”,


the PAVLOVIAN “teachings” of the past FIFTY-some-odd years has turned a Nation of FRUGAL, FUTURE SEEDING PEOPLE into TEXT-MESSAGING, cant’ see the ROAD in front of themselves.

Unemployment HAS taken TWICE THAT MUCH in FLESH.

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