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… “what the”…

Time and its friendship to the “‘kind”.


The gray hash marks

covering the wall

of my body

are time served

in the institution

of ‘YOUR’ expectations


Weighed against the division

of joy and successes

equaling the creases

across brow, between eyes

encircling the mouth


All together they are

the brushstrokes

of a ‘Life’s’ picture…

sometimes a pointalistic precision

others, a calligraphic sweep

of deftness

or, Eschered, as to a “what the”…


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There’s not much to say at this moment…

just NAME the gross infraction
the SNOOP, the HATE, the KILLS
a wonder of the hard work DONE
by HONEST now known as shills

the every single RIGHT “WE” had
been chisled for the rich
the mixture of the dark-n-light
is evil at best clitch

when passing from the best to worst
like ROME and GREECE, from ENGLAND
the mountains’ purple majesties
have molded into the “FATHERLAND”

the history of first of class
will simmer through the classmates
as melting pot was brought to ROT


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“Web-er” Beware


These things are NO LONGER CREEPY, I’ve been going over the orb’s ‘human’ events. The link above caught the inquisitive so I tapped…

Upon moving my cursor TO the top of the page another ‘window’ jumped into a momentary view, to attempt to hide behind the page selected. I NOTICED the maneuver and peeped to see that ABCNEWS.con, GOOGLE and MICROSOFT HAVE SPIED to sell MORE POOR-formance entrenching poop.

The window had a ‘simple’ sentence, ( how correct.)… “YOUR WINDOWS machine HAS poor PERFORMANCE, click below to (THE) Fix.”

I got rid of the polyp then came here, to urge any, and ALL to band together to tell, (FROM THE TOP DOWN!), that I will NOT become the “FLUFFER” for their inept ability to PERFORM “as ADVERTISED”! If Tre-Henry IS going to try to make ME pay for HIS TRAINING those that ARE ‘PERFORMING’ the CRIMINAL ACTS against the WORLD HE had better realize that a “TEAM” effort of wrong doing IS categorized as RICO. AND, the TEAM’S players IDENTIFY themselves EVERY time WE LOG ON. WHY HASN’T SOMEONE NOTICED and DONE SOMETHING!?!

I have a proposal that may set the “MEDIAS” squarely ON their own PETARD…

With operating systems, LIKE LINUX, being ABLE to work a computer in only 256 MB of RAM, and it WOULD do so ON A 386 system FASTER than 98% of the over touted WIN-OS configs AFTER XP.. OH(!), did I mention that these OS’ ARE FREE to DOWNLOAD ? In doing something like this the THIEVES and Charlatans WILL be thoroughly THWARTED by the FACT that there are TOO MANY VARIATIONS for them to connect through. I.E.: Have you ever watched RAIN falling on the windshield of a vehicle? The reason WHY each droplet seems to nudge toward another is the science of HYGROSCOPY= Water seeks “ITSELF”, attracts its “twin, octuplet… “GOOGUPLET”. THAT’s HOW the virus’ kill machines, how the ‘hackers’ can steal TARGET’S CHRISTMAS from their “custom”-ers. In KEEPING these systems for, about, TWO YEARS MICROSOFT , ANYBODY would HAVE to bring “CUSTOM”, not CRASHDOM, back into their CORPORATE VISION. And, if you’ve run Windows LINUX is but a syntax away.


For all those that “thought” that “The MATRIX” was fantasy, my HEARTBLEED(S) for YOU.

OH, yeah, there’s word, somewhere on the Internet, that Bill Gates has desire to be “RID” of his ownership of shares in MICROSOFT. If true that would mean that the above is creepier than I had wanted to portray.

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… CAN’T rise ‘ABOVE’



If you’re NOT selling your “MUSE, INK” to those that need a “BEATZ”-treat what BETTER way to GERM-INNATE a SYNAPTIC TSUNAMI than to “PASS” some TRITE to an OFAY, (, EDITORIAL ENTITY, like GAWKER. That’s about all that “needs” to be written here, as the “BRA(H)” that took the time to fellate the “staff”  of Gawker has “extended” HIS scribanous OIL BATH in excess of what’s been “pumped” from Syria alone.

With that, HAVE AT.


what “better” way
to get some “play”
for “linen” folk
all about one’s “SEFF”

“identified” by splatter
and wind for ‘Bounty’ proud
a puffed presumptual blather
to find some sort of crowd

the reasons much like Tokowitz
you MAY know who that is
you’ll NOT get a deal that “fits”
boxed SAND a place for KIDS

the trap where dove has you ensnared
so like the “girls” he loved
but of your “truths” like cause compares
the premise CAN’T rise ‘ABOVE’


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