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VELOSSTOP, Rushin’ to Make Hyundai Broke

“Pretty”, ain’t it ? The Hyundai ‘Veloster’ was first seen in 2007 at the SEMA Show. It was a bold box of “YEEHA” that was to get close to 45-to-48 mpg by the brass in the office, or at least that’s what some moto-journalists were vying for.
There was a “taste” on the evening news, it was sad news. The ‘Velos-stop’ DOES get (“close to”) 40 mpg, by the text read. And, done so through a SIX-SPEED Transmission, (There wasn’t a mention of this being MANUAL or Automatic.), that may have actuation via a “paddle-shift”. This equates to LESS performance than an anemic, used YUGO. And any of your little “Lovejoy’s” growth spurting buddies will wear a “FLAT-TOP”, instead of their “SPIKE” because the rear seat’s placed so the rear hinge works are directly in line with Joquim’s spinal alignment.
Oh, yes, the pluses are that a Parent CAN implement a GPS area Corral to make sure “l’il L.J.”is still tethered, like the LEASH you’d had him wear when the family was at the local park. And, the available gaming system is “ONLY” playable when this “super” carriage is in park.
If the threat of losing customers is so unthreatening that this company will give your children traffic tickets for DRIVING TOO SLOW then it’s a great deal. But, if it’s going to be so droll that texting can be done without danger what’s the usefulness of it?
And, if it CAN be “TUNED” into the Beast it resembles, WILL the COST DOUBLE OR TRIPLE the original MSRP?
It’s interesting that our automobile choices are STILL tied to the PROFITS of the refinerie owners’ whim.


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