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Some “comments” don’t get to YOU

It’s been over a year that this site has “seen” my gists / jests. I’d been looking at “freshly pressed” for a moment when ‘SERENDIPITY’ garnered attention via her AWWARD WINNING “DP” story [GONZO GEORDIE HAD AN AX] caught my attention. I read it and made a comment that read not too much like the following, ( I usually ms-wordpad a comment for proof but the password issue tripped me.)…

“The story reads like the BANNED movie “SONG of the SOUTH” with its 1940’s “NEGRO” dialectical jargon-istic , 40 year auld Bostonian “HIP-HOP” patterned speech patterns. It feels awkward for one that knows”STRANGE FRUIT” to have this type of emotion set to an event of this type… in this day and age… when the “MAJORITY” is [OBLIVIOUS] of how the “Melting Pot’ IS having the ingredients labeled in this day and age.”

After reading the other comments of congratulations the realization of just HOW “oblivious” the “majority” HAD become settled in when my comment WAS dismissed from the order. I DON’T blame the AUTHOR of the fact, she’d been writing for OVER 1800 posts to get THIS award for “FICTION”, a style not often attempted. It IS a GREAT WEIRD AL writer’s moment, “IT” was just that the moment coincided with too many “moments” that the observant observer will find ENTROPY ruling the “TOP”. I apologized for the observation. But, STILL, didn’t have the comment allowed.

But, YOU know the gist of the feeling rendered… “For the GREATER GOOD”.

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WHAT! Oh, He Wasn’t Thinking


The Soldiers that “accidentally” burned a set of Qur’ans have been identified, but WILL NOT be named. The gist of the article seems to attempt an exoneration of some sort. A demotion or such, whereas the Afghan people want an immediate trial IN THEIR COURT.

When going through the comment section the timbre of HOW the story was presented prompted me here… sobrien883 wrote: 5:02 PM GMT-0500

“So we’re going to wreck five military careers? Obama never ever should have said that people would be “held accountable.” Some young soldier will now pay the price–and for what, a simple mistake. Would that officers in that command have the courage to say no, we’re not going to burn these guys”…..

The most disquieting gravitational pull is that this person is defending Five People that HAVE done something wrong. Unknowingly… maybe, but if they’d spent any time PAYING ATTENTION ot what they’d read, heard or SEEN these few moments would not be happening. But, they ARE.

How CAN someone “worry” about WHAT a “career’s” weight will “lose” of those five people when THERE ARE SIX that had NOTHING to do with the cause of this MATTER HAVE GIVEN THEIR LIVES NEEDLESSLY?

It’s a short thought, but a THOUGHT. UNSELFISH and unapologetic. A THOUGHT of WHY should the “concern” be directed to the LIVING CULPRIT… INSTEAD of the AMBUSHED HEROES? This is the difference…

Instead of this…

The biggest question is WHO, that holds the reins of “RESPONIBILITY”, WILL take up their Sword to stop the “GRUNTS” from paying for a “Superior’s “mistake”?


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Speaking “SOFTLY”…

…While TAKING their “BIG STICKS” and poking “them” in the “eye” with it!

Richard John Santorum, TOOK the Romney-Gingrich trains and PROVED, like the Casey Jones POEM ( …” That MOTLEY CREW”… that being “ON THE SAME TRACK” isn’t the best tactic when you’ve got an important JOB. The following is the most current on the Republican question of WHO will go head-too-head with the President.

Results for U.S. Republican Presidential Primaries
State Gingrich Paul Romney Santorum reporting
02/07 CO 12.8% 11.8% 34.9% 40.3% 100%
02/07 MO 12.2% 25.3% 55.2% 100%
02/07 MN 10.8% 27.1% 16.9% 45.0% 99%
02/04 NV 21.1% 18.8% 50.1% 10.0% 100%
01/31 FL 31.9% 7.0% 46.4% 13.3% 100%

The new rules of MONEY have seen a new dictum come into “play”. The “funny” fact of it is that for ALL the MONEY spent by the Mitt-Newt *”CURTAIN MANUFACTURING COALLISION ” Mr. Santorum has played a masterful mid-quarter chess match, successfully pinning the “bishops'” working the ‘Spanish’, ( inquisitorial), opening of weaving diagonally across the Caucuses. All the while being thwarted by “the Pawn” acting like a ROOK in his linear focus.

This is what the *”CMC” factory is telling folks what Rick Santorum is saying…

I do believe that there are many hangers-ons finally getting to peep inside the media trailers of Mitt-Newt. And are beginning to see how Pavlov’s notes are being used… with the ‘help’ of other “supreme” minds.
This is how CNN saw it… (
gIQAotclzQ_story.html?tid=pm_politics_pop)… And, their NOT about to be “OUTFOXED“.

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