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As I Read a ‘GOOD’ Book

The world of FAITH is too large to be placed into just three “main” tomes.

Have you been introduced to [ROBERT HOLMES BELL, Jr.]? If not, here are a few things that a couple pages forced my mind to put to the papyrus canvas while hop-scotching my eyes over the pages of VELVET ELVIS, his “revelation” of FAITH.

And, even though the main premise is “Christianity” CONNECTING TO the growth OF FAITH is what Mr. Bell presented. ( Since I just found this I won’t swing it AT anyone.)

I really DON’T care about how the genre of how the type of religion I was “molded” in is, there HAS to be something better than the pettiness of exclusivity. So, here are the few bits I’ll toss to the wind of hope.

#1.) Let ‘God’ BE “GOD”!!!

#2.) ‘God’ chooses those who question to get to the “GOD” part of themselves. It’s easier to do what ‘God’ wants when the interview, discussion, or argument is understood. By BOTH, no “strong-arming” by either.
#3.) God’s “MOST valuable players” ASKED the most questions BEFORE the “match”.
#4.) The TORAH, BIBLE, and Q’URAN are just thought-broilers written to boil up questions that God can “talk” to us. Seeing if we comprehend. Of the THREE “Books” of the “great” religions, ALL that is written in them is but thoughts, as pressure, to expand our HOPE, LOVE, FAITH, and MINDS.
There is MORE to “GOD”, ( TO FAITH !), than the PARADOX, (Noun: A statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory.), of “Three” can ever encircle.
This isn’t a bad start for someone that was KICKED OUT of the CHURCH they were “raised” in.
Lastly… Why is it that the ONLY set of RULES that GOD gave to us by his hand ONLY amounted to TEN?


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