P….. Rogers Nelson



than Dove’s CRYING

pure ROYALTY, as named



from Pater

no “simple groove” to frame




tears drench, like…






Over the past ten years the State of OHIO HAS been given information’s where companies , like AT&T to have used the method of “automatic bill pay” to EXTRACT the “service” amount TWO to THREE times BEFORE the agreed time. Upon notifying Attorney General, Michael De Wine’s office* instead of asking to view the PROOFS, (Even BANK Acct. evidences!), THEY CALLED AT&T to have someone tell them that the company “HADN’T DONE SO”. *( His office has assisted to further prevent my being able to be employed by using an INEPT “background check” that says the F.B.I. a.) DOESN’T “know” if I’m a CITIZEN b.) HAD to use a 38 year old traffic CHARGE…DISMISSED… to render prospective employers to pass me over. The background reason ISN’T sent WITH the originating infomation, it MUST BE REQUESTED. My Mother HAS my 1967 Montreal, Quebec, CANADA PASSPORT that IS VERY BASIC PROOF of my CITIZENSHIP. “WE” wonder at the CHICANERY of our elected!?!)

Later, an injury incurred at a EMPLOYER SITE has been SCHEMED to NOT allow a RETURN TO WORK… SEVEN YEARS NOW. I’d walked THROUGH a QUARTER INCH glass surround of a revolving door, the building was under RE-CONSTRUCTION  as the auditorium FLOOR, for ROCK SHOWS, (AND SUCH.), was about to DROP onto the PUBLIC EATING/SHOPS area. The  site management company, “S.M.G.”, ( A subsidiary of COMCAST.), “FAILED” to REPORT the LOSS of NERVES, and LIGIMENTS ,even to denying responsibilty. ( One of the DECIDING TRUSTEES of the entity IS, NOW SERVING FEDERAL TIME for BRIBERY of the COLUMBUS,OHIO City Council Members, ( REDFLEX- RED light CAMERA contracts.)) . The Bureau of WORKERS “Compensation” HAS done EVERYTHING they can to keep S.M.G.’s GLUTEs covered. Even to LOSSING DOCUMENTATION of PROOF. The WHITE HOUSE has avoided recognizing the CRIME… sending newsletters, instead of doing what ‘must’ be done. ( ANY “WONDER” too WHY “WE” ARE in the CESSPOOL “WE” ARE!?!

To end this little “rocket’s RED, (As in SEEING.),GLARE…


TICK= An AMBUSH hunting, DESEASE RIDDLED, BLOOD                                                                           SUCKING Animal/ INSECT.

In this year of GRAVITATIONAL THOUGHT and DECISIONS, of the WHO’s “WE” ‘want’/ CHOOSE to KEEP U(.)S(.) “SAFE”. Remeber HOW ICELAND handled those that HIDE ‘wrong’s’ enrichments… while the “ROOT” system loses “ground”, by hte EROSIONS of  a grounded ‘leadership’.

The “saddest” point of this IS that a MINORITY, Senior Citizen, UNION , (ex),member, (of 20 plus years.) has been rendered as close to a LIVING EXTINCTION as these magnificent political Mengele’s can strive to make.


The FRACKING of America

Come the ensuing “SUPER TUESDAY”, GET and KEEP


OUT of … THE SOUP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Image result for dylann roof

instead of Banjo

this chose a gun

too close to CYCLOPS

‘Storm’ FAILED it’s run


Pavlov’d as bred

a ‘Spot’ so Jane-like

live “EVIL DEAD”

‘most’ like the timing


so much for “FREE-DUMBS”



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… AND, “HOW” they’re covering their newer tactics of theft.

This was originally written in 2012 the date is NOW May 28, 2015! The OHIO STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL REFUSED to REVIEW OR ACCEPT the WRITTEN PROOFS, ( i.e. CHASE BANK receipts.), of the ADMITTED “INCIDENT(S). This IS HAPPENING to YOUR account (s)  ALSO…

For nearly TWO months AT&T and J.P. Morgan CHASE have had a field day with my account. This corporate ‘gang-bang’ began when I’d had to take over the DSL account left me when I purchased a “retirement” Trailer from someone that had lost money to a “repairman” for the removal of BLACK MOLD, which the person began but, left when the former owner GAVE (!?!) them the agreed on $1500 before the work was finished. This was an ominous signal. Being throw this Niecro KNUCKLEBALL,


I contacted AT&T to make the HASTY changeover. As I kept the basics as simple as possible I faltered when I GAVE (!?!) AT&T my account number to “make the process easier” to complete on a timely manner. RRRIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHTTTTTTT! After only TWO MONTHS of having the TWENTY DOLLAR FEE extracted ON THE AGREED ON date the month of AUGUST saw them them do the PROPER task on the THIRTEENTH… then, again, on the TWENTY-THIRD of AUGUST… then a “basic” request to the JPM CHASE computer as a “preparation” for the month of SEPTEMBER… ON the FIRST of SEPTEMBER.,which WERE extracted, then returned AFTER my pointing such to them. THOSE funds were “stowed” in the ETHER of electronic sequesturance that were, ALSO, hidden from CHASE. (The small funds didn’t reappear to the account for some reason, close to $275.00.). Then, the funds were withdrawn from the ledger at the proper time but, made the account OVERDRAWN.

I have been attempting to get A&T to converse, and rectify this with JPM CHASE… NOT GONNA’ HAPPEN. So, the STATE of OHIO Attorney General has Gotten Involved. AT&T have traded THREE months for not getting spanked by Michael DeWINE, though they’ve YET made full disclosure of the REASON*, which is STILL a BAIN to EVERY CORPORATION that uses a “mainframe”. J.P.M. CHASE has elected to bully their way through this since they ARE GOVERNED by the FEDERAL STATUTES of the F.T.C., more recently by the D.O.J.. They are charging me for the grand “ledgered” total of “$29.00”, (Okay, I rounded UP.). AND are going to close my account for non-payment… and then “turn it over to a collections firm, (FOR FURTHER HARASSMENT and FEES additions.)

*Has anyone received a TRIAL OFFER computer SOFTWARE program? Have any of you “HOW” the ‘company’ SHUTS IT OFF after you put it to the test? The answer is that there is a coding sequence that “counts down” the increments of “TIME” through the bits, bytes, terra-seconds… “zeroes and ones” of a BINARY CODE telling the, unseen to you, software program to STOP “dancing” for you, closing the ‘window’, like a 42nd St. ‘PEEP SHOW’, to make you put in another twenty-dollars for five “TITILLATING” minutes. Yeah… IT’S VERY MUCH like THAT.

Now, imagine that that same construction of “how” is the company’s computer “DECIDING” WHEN to “call” FOR the COMPANY’S “DUE”… EXCEPT that the CODE has BEEN thrown OFF because THE FOLKS THAT TEND TO THE ATOMIC CLOCK have to make an “ADJUSTMENT” to KEEP the Man-made device IN TUNE with the COSMIC ROTATION OF THE EARTH by ADDING a paltry TWO “LEAP SECONDS” to the internal code… Then, IMAGINE that the $75,000 per year, MICROSOFT TRAINED “SY-SOP’ ,(“Systems Operator”.), HAS NO CLUE to this. AND, the COMPUTER “notices” the “enhancement”, READJUSTING ITSELF to the PREVIOUS, BUT, OUTDATED / FALSE information to function PROPERLY. This IS what has happened… to EVERY computer working. (Remember the strains of Y2K?) I wonder HOW MANY companies have CHECKED for this?

As of this moment the actions of J.P.M. CHASE have me contacting the F.T.C. AND the D.O.J.. The evidence that the Ohio Attorney General HAS, and IS receiving will make for a lot of “Bailout Babies” to begin WAILING anew.

I started this post on the THIRD day of October. This being the ELEVENTH you’d think that the corporate wheels would have found the roadway to “GET” some traction… NNNOOOOTTTTT!!! It HAS gone from the OHIO STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL, Mike DeWine to the U.S. FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, NO R.E.S.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. to be accomplished as I BELIEVE that I HAVE FOUND “A COLLUSIONAL ANOMALY” within the computer systems of EVERY “BUSINESS” that TRACKS, BILLS and COLLATES every persons institutional / financial EXCHANGE PROCESSES by a TIME signature. There isn’t much more to say, at this point since the “players” are “KICKING THE RULES EXAMINER”, ( That WOULD BE ME.),by shutting OFF as many access points as THEY CAN.

In the MEAN TIME,(That WOULD BE labeled as a CLUE.), the AMERICAN Businesses of AT&T and J.P. Morgan / CHASE “will NOT” talk to one another to apply a simple SALVE as they are now felling their own POISON beginning to NECROTIZE within themselves… and they,surely, can’t see this as a necessary reason for drastic AMPUTATION.

At the finish of this I had to let the reader know that ANY Business “offering” to ALLOW you to remove funds from your Bank account IS STUPID!!! Think about HOW MANY OTHERS are doing that VERY THING… And, then THINK of HOW MANY TIMES that THIS ‘UNKNOWN’ TYPE of THIMBLERIG provides gives that entity an UNLIMITED ‘SHORT-TERM’ LOAN for the “best” RETURN on invest-MINT, ( as in the MAKING OF…), for so little of THEIR expenditure of effort.

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a self ascription

YOU can’t


how many ROPES


yet you ‘tempt

yes again

that ole SHELL

Cuts and scrapes


won’t heal


though “pressured” Pots

tend more than to swell


have clear ‘rules’

time’s high COUNSEL


of a SHILL-ing or two



there’s a tilt

to the tables

leveled TRUTH

makes the frauds quickly ESCHEWED

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…this world sublime

as time has placed its many barbs

the wounds reveal their rhyme

’tis often that we see too much

to ruin this world sublime

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