Ferguson 2014


As James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner are being honored for THEIR sacrifices the Govern-Mental authorities of the St. Louis, MO area have witnessed the “similar” investigative reasonings of a 1960’s Mississippi.

In that I sat in a numbness that I’m SURE MANY, ( not ONLY.), Americans got themselves wrapped in. The mental picture of “an old Uncle”, forehead in hand, teeth turning into  POWDER as he attempts to suppress…


Sam’s shame returns

reverts Jury’s hang

as Plymouth rocks

no “rotund” sang

What hue is ‘might’

when floods are rouge

Liberty lost sight

walked FROM “Fisherman’s” shoes

Democratus fails another test

descendants wed to their mirrors

false futures weave a gossamer vest

“Old EVIL” roars their cheers


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Living as REDACTED

This is going to be short, and bitter. As I have been jotting the “few” thoughts from my head I have been through the processes of a “few” points of ‘employment’. In this my having the malady of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE PERSONALITY DISORDER has made MANY company managers/ supervisors irate because I have this NEED to DO THE JOB/ TASK as well as IT SHOULD. This causes many that have a laissez faire attitude toward such what IS making THIS NATION drive IN FULL REVERSE.

The last company rid itself of me AFTER I left a site when the WEEKEND “supervisor” THREATENED to “KILL” me… HE,( Frederick “the great”), is still the HIGHLY INEPT ‘OVERSEER’ that Steve and LISA are using to DESTROY another account for AETNA BUILDING MAINTENANCE as the ownership continues to allow nepotistic marriages of loss. Sooner, or later American business structure/ stricture is going to allow those that ARE DRIVEN to complete the task their rein. But, until then the reversal of fortune will continue for the those that LIVE as Ameri-CANS.

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well so much for the “ ‘TIS of THEE”

republc’s thoughts of “only me”

the “persons’ hoods are fully drawn

“elected’s” show they’re TOTAL PAWNS


as time we’d known has “slipped” away

the children cry for “BRIGHTERS'”  days

as Mares pace with ‘stallions’



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… Never “WIN”

As we are inundated by the sheer magnitude of STUPIDITY, by those that ‘believe’ “THEIR” way of “life’ IS the “best” for all, that has been growing over the past months I have been “caught” into the net of the PATHOGEN. Since I will not divulge the “WHO THEY ARE” I hope that they can be lead to this site to READ about themselves and, how bad the sickness has become…


can’t wait ’til

God breaks YOU


of a “taste”


it’s sad that

you’re of the “KIND”

Soul indebted

for slight “wealth”

installments have a way

compounding under skin

but You ARE the ‘BET’




In attempting to be what was advertised as better “WE” have become the reason of the DEMISE.


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… born as COB



there’s quite a “few”

just waiting

with note-tomes

full of “new’

but waiting for

the “big break”

has grown more

to eschewed

the “most completed”


the brilliances

long held

the “day-to-day”

keeps filing

one Einstein could

have spelled

the genius of continue

hides futures seldom reach

it’s GOOD to

see electeds

in practice in the breech

but they can turn

back forward

safety in THEIR JOB

not to suffer yearly

existence born as COB*

(* see:15.)/ 16.)


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… lest “WE” forget



In the “game” of War and HATE “playing” fair isn’t what those that profess “right” want to allow “us” to have MEMORY OF….


as told as child

when pointing ‘wrongs’

for one directed

three hold strong

and even though

the fault be vast

sail’s varied designs

but not of masts

a latest “oops”

will cost most dear

though remembrances

are that most feared

“we” are but ‘Human’

the World’s “thinking” florettes

within a “garden”

lest “WE” forget



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