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OH-pinions ARE “like”…


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the “look of love” most folks DISS-GUISE

tramp-oh-line spand-exed, they got “NO FLIES”

the how one’s viewed depends on “learned”

” the FIT” of feelings, now-days, just burn


the fact of “change”, LOOKS, thoughts, or FAITH

to “get ahead” strangers become your WRAITH

but, cellular projection IS own’s PROJECTION

young folks, today… never read outline, of close inspection

Growing “up”, my weight was 126 pounds, in the SECOND GRADE. So, a classmate branded me with a nickname that resembled the SIR-Name… “CANNONBALL” . ( Robert R. has the same LAST.) During the late Fifties,through to early Seventies my height FRATERNALED waist, in Inches, my fATHER MADE A pup tent from the Bib Overalls I wore. While the male classmates were sporting Beards I sported Orange-Rind. During the Senior High school year someone snapped a picture of me walking the hallways,              (presumably to class. ), and mounted said  Derogotype upon the first TWO PAGES of the YEARBOOK. ( I didn’t graduate, Minus ” JUAN QUARTER credit, and even after TURNING “DEFENSE COUNCIL” , (Civics: the Judicial System.), and AIDING the dismantling of the STATE’S WITNESS, [ the ACTual MURDERER.] the “TEACHER” FLUNKED me, writing  “GLIB” across the ENTIRE page of the “retort” card .).

In the time since I’m, NOW 5′ 10.75″ TALL AND 153 POUNDS, after being 5’7″ and 360 POUNDS at 17. It’s fun seeing former classmates who’ve hidden their gym workout ball under their shirt, while they only recognise ME through my voice, and speech pattern. ( Being “BLACK”, with a “Cambridge” intonation lasts “awhile” in most “LINEN FOLKS’ ” memories.)

That said, IN these times of… I find that my Mother’s colloquialism IS SPOT ON…

“IT… Ain’t HOW You “drive”, It’s HOW YOU ARRIVE!”

Remember: Your parents told you to LOOK for anything , of your determined VALUE, if You’ve “LOST” IT, most likely IT WILL BE FOUND. So, don’t LOSE the ‘WEIGHT’…

GET RID OF it !!!!!!!!!!

That’s HOW too MANY people MAKE SO MUCH MONEY OFF those that “want” to “LOSE” weight.


2 CNR and SRW

2 CNR and SRW

( ) = THE TRUTH.







someday “YOU” may allow

the drops of my wisdom

to fall across your HEARTS

that day you’ll have barrels of “FISHES”,

gifts brighter than a QUARK


I KNOW my life’s been wrong

at least that’s what you’ve been told

such a long time for GOODNESS to unfold


wondering, if you’re healthy,

if your “NEXT” is bright

hoping life grants GOOD’S wishes

the rest of life NOT TRITE

(“refrain” )


“WE”, surely, would be BORED

without ‘mistakes’  to hold US

how’d we know that we HAVE SOARED

turning from ALL the “FRUIT TREES”

walk the LAKE” as GOOD emplores



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( “Google” : [ timeline of MAJOR U.S. race riots ] )

(Before Freddie Gray: A Timeline of American Unrest | TakePart



+==============+=============+==============+==============+======= >

…  A 1750 ad in the Boston Gazette sought the recovery of a runaway slave named “Crispas…

… tale of one Jocko Graves, an African-American youth who served with General George … Graves, nor any account of somebody freezing to death holding Washington’s horses, exists in the extensive historical record of the time.

… ! “Police officers Acquitted of killing blacks”…  { 3,510,000 results (0.70 seconds) }

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  ^

‘TIME’…Tells the TRUTH.


‘TIME’ CORRECTS “people”.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   &&&&&&&&&&&&   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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09-16-2017 : [ ]



Witness to A MIRACLE

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In times of preparing for the ‘departure’ of a FRIEND there AREN’T many instances that create for the KNOWLEDGE of WHO “ONE” prays TO. For over a Year there’s been this WONDERFUL WOMAN that is from the HILL COUNTRY of our COAL Mining area. Many would see Her as “WHITE”, SHE is MORE NATIVE AMERICAN that most of those that ‘played’ such in the movies… Cherokee… []… to “the POINT”, CHRISTIAN throughout Her BEING.

As she was getting some paperwork in order, ( She’s SEVERE C.O.P.D., on a ‘shortening’ time frame.), the computer wasn’t “acting” correctly. As Mrs. “P” had reached an end to her patience the machine, and Printer, made the move to comply. The printer presented her frustration with… THE LORD’S PRAYER. “Unsolicited”, except for the FACT that THIS IS the ONLY ‘THOUGHT’ that controls her frustrations. Be it the severe LACK of AIR, or the IDIOCY of … THIS IS the SAVING MANTRA of “CONTROL” , and UNDERSTANDING.

It MAY seem “funny” that this should “become” “text” worthy, but, in THESE days of CRAZY it’s GOOD… to KNOW… that FAITH CANNOT go unrewarded.

And, it’s really interesting that “technology” could allow itself to be included.







A DONKE SCHOEN to those that “FOLLOW”

in hope that musings DON’T ring hollow.


times, quite a few HAVE become DONORED.

It’s OF the views, from so many HORIZONS

that LIGHT thought’s FUSE for “born” of POSEIDON.

though, lastly, CAPITAL is the “ward” of this burg

those thoughts, rhymes, and pictures are the mighty VERBS.

SO, HERE’S TO, ALL YOU’S that flex with the ‘gregg’

I’d hoped my grat-too much better, my begs.




Friendship’s disappointment,

bundle, through the side door.

chew the “cud”, grab a smoke.

Saunter the driveway,

check the leaf patterned piles,

light, see the length of fume,

look to the comming cold.

Ponder… how selfish all are,

looking to a WESTERN cloud bank…

that’s a “30” mile HEART,

another statement bolsters.

Deviding ‘HEART’ makes TWO,

as “WE” have lost “care”,

as being reminded of “WHY”,

“DIVISION” seldom makes “better”…



Above All WHAT

Above All WHAT

the protocol of “ORDER”

of “leader’s” path to stake

family closeness is an UN-LIMED mortar

count up all the tools we use to “BAKE”


the “ANT FARM” where we raise our own GLASS

yet, find the ways to spread our “COLONIES”

spread FORMICS by opinions of ASS’

instead of Hill, it’s “SEA-to-SHINING-SEA”


grandiosing, SELF verbosing, puffery galore

though spy skyward, HOPE , the byword, seek celestial shore

of tight fingers there’s this thought that lingers, can’t “WE” be much more

in the “spark”, is passing, train of thought, un-gassing,

hold BETTER, HEARTS implore