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Living as REDACTED

This is going to be short, and bitter. As I have been jotting the “few” thoughts from my head I have been through the processes of a “few” points of ’employment’. In this my having the malady of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE PERSONALITY DISORDER has made MANY company managers/ supervisors irate because I have this NEED to DO THE JOB/ TASK as well as IT SHOULD. This causes many that have a laissez faire attitude toward such what IS making THIS NATION drive IN FULL REVERSE.

The last company rid itself of me AFTER I left a site when the WEEKEND “supervisor” THREATENED to “KILL” me… HE,( Frederick “the great”), is still the HIGHLY INEPT ‘OVERSEER’ that Steve and LISA are using to DESTROY another account for AETNA BUILDING MAINTENANCE as the ownership continues to allow nepotistic marriages of loss. Sooner, or later American business structure/ stricture is going to allow those that ARE DRIVEN to complete the task their rein. But, until then the reversal of fortune will continue for the those that LIVE as Ameri-CANS.

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… Never “WIN”

As we are inundated by the sheer magnitude of STUPIDITY, by those that ‘believe’ “THEIR” way of “life’ IS the “best” for all, that has been growing over the past months I have been “caught” into the net of the PATHOGEN. Since I will not divulge the “WHO THEY ARE” I hope that they can be lead to this site to READ about themselves and, how bad the sickness has become…


can’t wait ’til

God breaks YOU


of a “taste”


it’s sad that

you’re of the “KIND”

Soul indebted

for slight “wealth”

installments have a way

compounding under skin

but You ARE the ‘BET’




In attempting to be what was advertised as better “WE” have become the reason of the DEMISE.


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… won’t succeed

This “kind’a” wrote itself. Google “News'” multiplications of MANY of the events around this Orb is ATROCIOUS. Add the ‘income’ working costs of all involved in the GATHERING of such and, the NEED of renumerances IS necessary. BUT(!), when the concentration of a reader is INTERRUPTED by an INANE PRODUCT of NO INTEREST to one that Google HAS “STUDIED” is AN INSULT to those of us that consider “written communications / expression” a SKILL / RIGHT.

If the many that have a stake in HOW to present a CONSISTENT flow of “USERS” to its ‘service’ would allow for those to make the decision by QUALITY “OF” there may be resurgence of PEOPLE using such for THEIR ‘BENEFIT’.

it’s NOT “NEWS”
if circulation “IS” the goal
provide some interest
some KNOWLEDGE strolled
the competition
IS quite strong
gives path that’s LONG
to cut through interest
of the ‘lead’
is making SURE
enter-prize won’t succeed

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There’s not much to say at this moment…

just NAME the gross infraction
the SNOOP, the HATE, the KILLS
a wonder of the hard work DONE
by HONEST now known as shills

the every single RIGHT “WE” had
been chisled for the rich
the mixture of the dark-n-light
is evil at best clitch

when passing from the best to worst
like ROME and GREECE, from ENGLAND
the mountains’ purple majesties
have molded into the “FATHERLAND”

the history of first of class
will simmer through the classmates
as melting pot was brought to ROT


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“Web-er” Beware


These things are NO LONGER CREEPY, I’ve been going over the orb’s ‘human’ events. The link above caught the inquisitive so I tapped…

Upon moving my cursor TO the top of the page another ‘window’ jumped into a momentary view, to attempt to hide behind the page selected. I NOTICED the maneuver and peeped to see that ABCNEWS.con, GOOGLE and MICROSOFT HAVE SPIED to sell MORE POOR-formance entrenching poop.

The window had a ‘simple’ sentence, ( how correct.)… “YOUR WINDOWS machine HAS poor PERFORMANCE, click below to (THE) Fix.”

I got rid of the polyp then came here, to urge any, and ALL to band together to tell, (FROM THE TOP DOWN!), that I will NOT become the “FLUFFER” for their inept ability to PERFORM “as ADVERTISED”! If Tre-Henry IS going to try to make ME pay for HIS TRAINING those that ARE ‘PERFORMING’ the CRIMINAL ACTS against the WORLD HE had better realize that a “TEAM” effort of wrong doing IS categorized as RICO. AND, the TEAM’S players IDENTIFY themselves EVERY time WE LOG ON. WHY HASN’T SOMEONE NOTICED and DONE SOMETHING!?!

I have a proposal that may set the “MEDIAS” squarely ON their own PETARD…

With operating systems, LIKE LINUX, being ABLE to work a computer in only 256 MB of RAM, and it WOULD do so ON A 386 system FASTER than 98% of the over touted WIN-OS configs AFTER XP.. OH(!), did I mention that these OS’ ARE FREE to DOWNLOAD ? In doing something like this the THIEVES and Charlatans WILL be thoroughly THWARTED by the FACT that there are TOO MANY VARIATIONS for them to connect through. I.E.: Have you ever watched RAIN falling on the windshield of a vehicle? The reason WHY each droplet seems to nudge toward another is the science of HYGROSCOPY= Water seeks “ITSELF”, attracts its “twin, octuplet… “GOOGUPLET”. THAT’s HOW the virus’ kill machines, how the ‘hackers’ can steal TARGET’S CHRISTMAS from their “custom”-ers. In KEEPING these systems for, about, TWO YEARS MICROSOFT , ANYBODY would HAVE to bring “CUSTOM”, not CRASHDOM, back into their CORPORATE VISION. And, if you’ve run Windows LINUX is but a syntax away.


For all those that “thought” that “The MATRIX” was fantasy, my HEARTBLEED(S) for YOU.

OH, yeah, there’s word, somewhere on the Internet, that Bill Gates has desire to be “RID” of his ownership of shares in MICROSOFT. If true that would mean that the above is creepier than I had wanted to portray.

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… ?

The “TITLE” is exactly what I thought when I was led to …


As I’m sure that when most of “US” consider the posting of our ideas  / beliefs that when they get a “KUDO” from another blogger that their mental genres are treading within the “same Pool”. Lately, there’s been a spate of those that give presentations that are from the YOUTH VISION that seems to regard “frivolous” truth as “presentatious platinum”. AND, doing so WITHOUT a “FAIL-ARREST” unit as backup. ( That would be corroborating information.)

To the young owner of the above site I defend my posit with this…

They KILLED that "DAY".

They KILLED that “DAY”.


The above is a DOCTORED view of the HISTORICAL moment when Jack Ruby used his friendship to enter into the transfer of accused  Presidential Assassin, ( John F. Kennedy: via (, Lee Harvey Oswald. Killing him, POINT BLANK, in FRONT of THE ENTIRE GROUP of city officers, F.B.I. agents and Walter Cronkite, with Huntley and Brinkley included. ( It’s a wonder what a “little” CUT-N-PASTE “can” do.)

The will to “tell” of a thing / event, without an intelligent cadre of proof is WHAT is making it so difficult to LIVE within the boundaries called the ATMOSPHERE.

The bigger question is… was this to just HAVE something to “post”?

Like any “fragrance”, with enough MANIPULATION “you” can make any object smell as designed. If the victim has no reference point…



pick a card just any card

I’ll tell you what it is

pay no attention

of those backs marks

they’re there so you

can’t win































































































































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… when called ‘Man’-“KIND”

Laser ‘Pointers’, a concentrated illuminater directed upon a “chosen”.

Having had to cash a business renumerance that “was too small to get to the bank by itself”, I decided to go to a ‘McDonald’s’ , instead of making something at home. I walked to the counter that had a Woman “herding” four children ranging from (about) four to eleven years of age. The youngest noticed me and, immediately in a confidentialists’ voice… “Hey, can I have a Quarter?”. The Woman / Shepherdess WAS OBLIVIOUS to the young man’s pitch. I told him that, in order to get the Quarter, HE HAD TO tell the Woman, ( “His Aunt”.), what he was doing. He wouldn’t, so I DID, giving the “business-collage-fund” to her. NOT ONE instance of a recognition of SOMEONE attempting to TEACH HER KIN HOW to PROTECT themselves… or HER, WAS GIVEN!

By the time the counter person was able to take my order the brood had left… (no, “THANK YOU” (!) but, I’m “sure” the adverse went… ” Yeh, and “YOU” can KISS MY ROSEY-“RED”-RECTUM!!!!!”… so much for # 3= “FOR THE”.) I asked what could be purchased for a DOLLAR, “PER”? She showed me the menu as if I were supposed to “KNOW” I made my three choices and, watched her turn to the TWO, ( most LIKELY.), SPANISH “FLUENT” cooks getting the order in order and utter ” RAPID-OH, come ON(!). RAPID-DOH!”  The counter person had “a bandana tied around “pickaninnied dreads ” that had been such a regular feature that her HAIR QUIT growing throughout most of her scalp’s topography. Add the ACCOUTREMENT of service wear fitting finely enough that, (while facing the cooks.), a 1920’s “style” set of overused MEDICINE BALLS peeked from the “waist-banned” of the trousers, having shoved the shirt “up-UP and AWAY”.

I tried to infer to her that she was pronouncing the word “wrong”, when in actuality I WAS trying to tell her that TREATING someone that SHE felt “BENEATH HER” was the SAME THING that HER, ( MINE ESPECIALLY.), RACE had suffered since coming to THIS COUNTRY FROM THE BEGINNING.

But, “IT” was LOST to her… HOPE-FULLY, NOT YOU.


becoming much like CANCER
overrunning what’s not ours
to rid this social spancel
without too many scars

the care “of” very daunting
so fragile of its cast
repercussions oh so haunting
time to heal and make such fast

of the many types of fauna
is it wonder some abuse
they the weaker but more ruthless
placing charges near THE fuse

there’s a promise well to keeping
that’s been lost we need to find
it’s first name told while were sleeping
that would be when called ‘Man’-“KIND”


I remember this: ( written on a bolder in a city park of RENO, NEVADA…)


is the


on the heel of a BOOT

From the FLOWER it HAS






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