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… election LOST


As I usually don’t “go to” the above agency “much”, with the increase of hate-filled incidents becoming MORE accessible to the curious, I “clicked”. The following image “wrote” itself by its “simple” scream of the “TRIPLETS”: past, Present and, FUTURE.

With the “view’s POINTS” the original title thought was… “EVIL’S EYES”.


No matter the MODEL YEAR...

No matter the MODEL YEAR…


gross “peek-uh-boo”
of “I hate you”
twin windows
through a SOUL
yet legis-late
no hesitate
allows this
ugly GOAL

those that “commune”
each Sunday
don’t think about
whose COSTS
their only CON-sideration
of decision’s conflagration
as sessions adjourn
of next election LOST


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… ?

The “TITLE” is exactly what I thought when I was led to …


As I’m sure that when most of “US” consider the posting of our ideas  / beliefs that when they get a “KUDO” from another blogger that their mental genres are treading within the “same Pool”. Lately, there’s been a spate of those that give presentations that are from the YOUTH VISION that seems to regard “frivolous” truth as “presentatious platinum”. AND, doing so WITHOUT a “FAIL-ARREST” unit as backup. ( That would be corroborating information.)

To the young owner of the above site I defend my posit with this…

They KILLED that "DAY".

They KILLED that “DAY”.


The above is a DOCTORED view of the HISTORICAL moment when Jack Ruby used his friendship to enter into the transfer of accused  Presidential Assassin, ( John F. Kennedy: via (, Lee Harvey Oswald. Killing him, POINT BLANK, in FRONT of THE ENTIRE GROUP of city officers, F.B.I. agents and Walter Cronkite, with Huntley and Brinkley included. ( It’s a wonder what a “little” CUT-N-PASTE “can” do.)

The will to “tell” of a thing / event, without an intelligent cadre of proof is WHAT is making it so difficult to LIVE within the boundaries called the ATMOSPHERE.

The bigger question is… was this to just HAVE something to “post”?

Like any “fragrance”, with enough MANIPULATION “you” can make any object smell as designed. If the victim has no reference point…



pick a card just any card

I’ll tell you what it is

pay no attention

of those backs marks

they’re there so you

can’t win































































































































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… tasting GALLS

“As I catch the many outstanding artists and, their work here there is more of the hues of spectrum than the starkness of shadings of gray / black. Have you,ever, had a “non-gifted” deliver your audience the scribbles of a “demand”? If not I have a piece for you called NATURE: Patience and DISGUST. The fading face of a LOWLAND Gorilla…looking over the viewer’s shoulder, seeing what they’ve “done”. It may be a “READERS’ ESSAY” of prose and view.
Let me know what you think about this, PLEASE.”
I followed because YOU ‘HAVE”…


I was about to enter the above into the “comments” box of the followed blog…’ARTS FESTIVAL’, maintained by a Filipino Gent. He gathers NICE WORKS. I had injured my dominant hand and thought that the “GUB-MINT” agency responsible would be setting a date to get the LIGAMENTS of the THREE of FIVE FINGERS repaired / reconnected. I received a letter explaining that “DUE TO A MISTAKE OF THE EMPLOYER NUMBER BEING GIVEN WRONGLY” that I would have NO FIXING of said digits and, “LIVE” with a PERMANENT reduction of dexterity. Where ONCE there were “Broadways” and Building Rock Shows I NOW am doing JANITORIAL Work… I CAN grasp a MOP HANDLE… at ONE-THIRD the HOURLY RATE. ( “prevailing”.) Ex HEALTH and “HUMAN SERVICES” Chair-person Kathleen Sebelius learned her skills from Ohio Governor John Gilligan, her FATHER. Where she rose to “great” heights the State of Ohio Department responsible for Working Folks’ injury repair is LACKING, ( to the TENTH DEGREE!)

Of that, to the crux of this post- “ART”

NATURE: Patience and DISGUST...

ntr png

I was very surprised that someone could tell what it’s supposed to look like.

This IS the last thing that I’ve drawn. FIVE YEARS AGO.( And, I don’t have the original.)


The “old MAN” IS watching

to gaze upon their next

they that came so long after


the FADING’S not the bad thing

it happens to the ALL

it’s their belief in right-full

that has US tasting GALL


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… when called ‘Man’-“KIND”

Laser ‘Pointers’, a concentrated illuminater directed upon a “chosen”.

Having had to cash a business renumerance that “was too small to get to the bank by itself”, I decided to go to a ‘McDonald’s’ , instead of making something at home. I walked to the counter that had a Woman “herding” four children ranging from (about) four to eleven years of age. The youngest noticed me and, immediately in a confidentialists’ voice… “Hey, can I have a Quarter?”. The Woman / Shepherdess WAS OBLIVIOUS to the young man’s pitch. I told him that, in order to get the Quarter, HE HAD TO tell the Woman, ( “His Aunt”.), what he was doing. He wouldn’t, so I DID, giving the “business-collage-fund” to her. NOT ONE instance of a recognition of SOMEONE attempting to TEACH HER KIN HOW to PROTECT themselves… or HER, WAS GIVEN!

By the time the counter person was able to take my order the brood had left… (no, “THANK YOU” (!) but, I’m “sure” the adverse went… ” Yeh, and “YOU” can KISS MY ROSEY-“RED”-RECTUM!!!!!”… so much for # 3= “FOR THE”.) I asked what could be purchased for a DOLLAR, “PER”? She showed me the menu as if I were supposed to “KNOW” I made my three choices and, watched her turn to the TWO, ( most LIKELY.), SPANISH “FLUENT” cooks getting the order in order and utter ” RAPID-OH, come ON(!). RAPID-DOH!”  The counter person had “a bandana tied around “pickaninnied dreads ” that had been such a regular feature that her HAIR QUIT growing throughout most of her scalp’s topography. Add the ACCOUTREMENT of service wear fitting finely enough that, (while facing the cooks.), a 1920’s “style” set of overused MEDICINE BALLS peeked from the “waist-banned” of the trousers, having shoved the shirt “up-UP and AWAY”.

I tried to infer to her that she was pronouncing the word “wrong”, when in actuality I WAS trying to tell her that TREATING someone that SHE felt “BENEATH HER” was the SAME THING that HER, ( MINE ESPECIALLY.), RACE had suffered since coming to THIS COUNTRY FROM THE BEGINNING.

But, “IT” was LOST to her… HOPE-FULLY, NOT YOU.


becoming much like CANCER
overrunning what’s not ours
to rid this social spancel
without too many scars

the care “of” very daunting
so fragile of its cast
repercussions oh so haunting
time to heal and make such fast

of the many types of fauna
is it wonder some abuse
they the weaker but more ruthless
placing charges near THE fuse

there’s a promise well to keeping
that’s been lost we need to find
it’s first name told while were sleeping
that would be when called ‘Man’-“KIND”


I remember this: ( written on a bolder in a city park of RENO, NEVADA…)


is the


on the heel of a BOOT

From the FLOWER it HAS






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… gold of style



“Tis most IIINNNNNTEERRESTING, ( “BUGS”.), when the “Little Polly Purebreds” find themselves in some sort “of” HEAT. ‘Merge’ that into the plight of someone’s obtaining a recently occurring “bout” of “Jungle Fever” and the “WORLD” has an issue of a SEQUOIA’S “BLOSSOMING”. That really isn’t the problem, the “problem” IS that said blossoms WERE DRAWN ATTENTION TO .

How is the “TELE-FORESTRY” SERVICE to keep the surrounding “seed”, (and “sap-links”.), on the “STRAIGHT” and, narrow path to the “SPONSOR-HOODS”!?! How ARE the net-works going to perpetrate the storyline when the off camera episodes CLASH with the CHARACTER , ( Enter YOUR ANTAGONYM here.), and their lack of ability to TOW the LI(n)E? I wonder how Hal Roach did it? ( Darla and, the ‘Wheat.)


when “you” pass adults
to kids as “child”
off-screen results
can be quite wild
those “tiny” minds
so quick defiled
the topo-graphic
lens beguiles
past darlings
once known erstwhile
are hard sell when
divorce they file
tougher yet when
plumped with child
but ratings are the
gold of style


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