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… won’t succeed

This “kind’a” wrote itself. Google “News'” multiplications of MANY of the events around this Orb is ATROCIOUS. Add the ‘income’ working costs of all involved in the GATHERING of such and, the NEED of renumerances IS necessary. BUT(!), when the concentration of a reader is INTERRUPTED by an INANE PRODUCT of NO INTEREST to one that Google HAS “STUDIED” is AN INSULT to those of us that consider “written communications / expression” a SKILL / RIGHT.

If the many that have a stake in HOW to present a CONSISTENT flow of “USERS” to its ‘service’ would allow for those to make the decision by QUALITY “OF” there may be resurgence of PEOPLE using such for THEIR ‘BENEFIT’.

it’s NOT “NEWS”
if circulation “IS” the goal
provide some interest
some KNOWLEDGE strolled
the competition
IS quite strong
gives path that’s LONG
to cut through interest
of the ‘lead’
is making SURE
enter-prize won’t succeed

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An UNRECOGNIZED “father’s day”

This, to me, is an appropriate follow to the previous post.The ‘home’ of Daughter and, Mother was struck, ( lightly.), by the “runaway” vehicle of an elderly neighbor. This was her FIRST accident IN HER LIFE of driving for over FIFTY YEARS. There was only a breakage of the half-inch water line into the abode… It could have been worse. Thank ‘GOD’ that it wasn’t.

Daughter frantically knocked on the door to announce the event, County Officers and, EMT were on the scene before I got outside. The Woman had tried to stop by the “Fred Flintstone” method of dragging her foot. It didn’t work but, the trail of skin attests to the effort.For FORTY minutes Daughter asked about , told OF and was more interested in answering surrounding neighbors’ questions than taking charge of her living space. The answers I provided were tossed for someone else’s version that wasn’t even “there”. ALL during the time NEVER was the recognition of a LIFE provided spoken.

To that I had “some angst” but, in the drinking of a cup of coffee the following came to mind of all those that HAD ‘generously’ created a BEING, out of ‘LOVE’. ( The definition isn’t going to be inserted.) The fact that these ungratefuls are here and, able to speak to one that answered life’s future call says too much in the fact.



are ‘allowed’

TRUTH’S struggle

For the WEAK

get ‘LUXURY’S’ pass

In a lifetime

there’s few muggles

for the foundations

deemed “lower class”

But of all “US”

that live slighted

there’s redeeming

in this fact…


of their “mores'” social ” thinking”


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… EMPTY Breast

( http: ww3.pickoneanyone.con)

My Mother has a habit of telling someone she doesn’t wish to have constant contact with: “No news is good news”. Which ISN’T true at all. Good news is the harbinger of HEALTH’S emotional artworks, those instances that make “one” desire to LIVE this physical moment to A BEST. To be PRESENT for the ‘PRESENT’ that “creation” BUILT all this FOR.

As the world is allowing the last of its animated mass of molecules to render itself NULL and VOID said “mass” IS quickening its very disappearance. Those that feel they’ve control of the group(s) have been blinded by their seeming success while not seeing this coming…

Angry with "the" image.

Angry with “the” image.




it’s really all quite simple
“we’ve” raised a care-less lot
though out of womb for decades
character still centered TOT

we chose their education
to make them all the same
and with the many “Doctors”
prayed skill to USE THEIR BRAINS

you ask where this rant comes from
one ‘L.D.’ certified at crest
but you can tell attention’s PAID
accepting only better and certainly NOTHING LESS

this ‘world’ throws ‘gas-light’ over “us”
they “think” their ways are best
but like all piglets that are SLOW
they get the hind and EMPTY Breast


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