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Who VettesYOUR Children’s “Teacher” ?

Short and, not so sweet. THE Ohio State University ran an advertisement in its STUDENT publication THE LANTERN.The ad was purchased by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, owner of FRONTPAGE, the on-line ‘hate’ magazine. Here’s the “link” to the Columbus Dispatch article, (

The fact that the FACULTY ADVISER allowed an entity, with its type of agenda, to purchase “SPACE” within the MINDS of those they’ve been entrusted to MOLD into PRODUCTIVE and UNITING citizens is INSIDIOUS. But, in peering into what may have influenced the decision of adviser, Dan Caterinicchia. When “Googled” Dan was credited with being a former editor of the ASSOCIATED PRESS in the LANTERN’S WIKI, and since a “wiki” CAN be edited to disclose CHOSEN informations a deeper “SPADING”… SAM, that IS!… found that “Der SUPERVISOR” HAD a small association with the WASHINGTON TIMES, ( Unlike others I’ll let YOU research the WASHINGTON TIMES, it may throw a (W)HOLE new light on your definition of “Higher” Education. Or, maybe the Corporate INFLUENCE PEDDLING that has gotten us to this point of OUR existance.

It’s AMAZING at what IS indoctrinated into the minds of the YOUTH of THIS NATION. AND MORE amazing that “nobody” followed the SCENT FROM the FRONT PAGE.

Update: 01/26/2012

I sent notification of this post to the accredited author of the COLUMBUS DISPATCH article just after publishing this. A Mister has yet to return contact of whether he’s read this post, then looked into the backgrounds. I guess that’s the way of the Fourth “negate”.

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IN-Just US

It would have been better if the “Creator” of this world/ universe had defined the model of the, (so far), final beings with a less prominent color scheme. Yes, that really would NOT have made the problem of PREJUDICE any less destructive as IT HAS.


The above space is for YOUR “IMAGE” of how hate has placed its lips upon an unfortunate example.
Many have brought the “‘SOCIAL'”SILLINESS” to “our” ATTENTION but few have embraced such…

The part of this sad practice,( Thank distance and time.), of a society making hate its Anthem…

makes that society less than HUMAN.

So, what if a society was determined to make HATE some type of “secret” balance point to show OTHER societies the “FINER”,perfections and subtleties, (
making small racial differences into a national decision.( This would be the difference in how many youth “of color”, ie AFRICAN AMERICAN are sentenced to greater lengths of incarceration for lesser amounts of a same illegal substance, being Cocaine, than their pale,( “white”), compatriot with a larger, but differently CONFIGURED amount.)
It’s so extremely BLATANT. The departing GOVERNOR of the State of “EM-EYE-ES-ES-EYE-ES-ES-EYE-PEE-PEE-EYE has decided that he WILL “go out” like the “hero” in ‘THE KLANSMAN’,
haley-barbours-racist-remark-was-no-mistake.html ), in his hope of a D.W. Griffith movie addendum. AND, done so while the “United” STATES of America has one of Haley’s “targets’ as its PRESIDING HUMAN.
This IS PROOF to the NATIONS AND SOCIETIES that the WORDS VERSUS the DEEDS lived by those that have been chosen to INCREASE this NATION’S “GREATNESS” is still without serious DETERMINATION by its citizenry.
And, “IT” is running out of time to turn those that seek to do the SAME to it.
The biggest challenge of this nation, and the WORLD is…
Do ANY of “US” really care enough to make LIFE the BEAUTIFUL thing it was DESIGNED to BE? Or, are we going to let the things that have DISFIGURED HUMANITY continue to?
Just a parting point, (

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COME ON !!! You HAVEN’T seen ONE POSITIVE political television ad in two years. YOU know that you can’t deny it. Herman Cain is “gone”, prematurely ejaculated by the blue-pilled DICKS, (as in Santorum.), that just had to play THAT (“political”) RACE CARD. All, except for Newt, he’s the only one of the group to have “come” close to what they accused Herman “OF”. There’s one guy that just can’t get his “head” around the axiom of,’ give me the SUCCULANCE of MATURITY over the TARTNESS of YOUTH’.
SO, it’s been “SIXTEEN DAYS, and whata’ ya’ get? A SAN-TOR-UM vic’tree in-stead of a MITT. Saint Peter don’t ya’ call me ’cause I can’t GO (p)… I OWE my SOUL to the SUPER PAC VOTE” ( Thanks TENNESSEE E..)


Now, as the ROGUED face, TEA-totalless, media-“INSTANT-IDIOT”, decision making public finds that the man “BEHIND the CURTAIN” has blown MORE SMOKE to where it’s getting “less irritating” with each new session. The “CANDY-DATES” are working harder than ever to place themselves upon the numbed tongues of ever increasing locales. The one saving grace in this is native son, Stephen T. Colbert. Who, this side of D.W. Griffith, Lester Maddox. or the erasable Strom Thurmond could have the “AUDACITY” to combine two distinct persons into a “phaulse political phorce”? ( this would be called Dyslexical alliteration.)(or ALUM-ination= the swelling of a “light” until it closes.)
How much more can this nation take from pre-Manchurians whose leadership has followed the teachings of “Hu-Phlung-Poo” religiously… and strengthened such? To follow the leads of those that are quick to uncover the treed gore of their rivals, while wiping the entrails of the person that had been standing beside them off their hands and chin? Hey!!! A VETTE isn’t the plastic-skinned two-percent-mobile from a company that YOU didn’t VOTE to BAIL OUT, it’s LOOKING AT the PERSON that wants to RUN YOUR LIFE for FOUR-TO-EIGHT YEARS! Not just the “WARTS” but, the GOGGL of CLOSETS they, AND their FAMILY OWN.
You’re PAYING for these pustuals to travel this NATION to kiss your babies with MOUTHS that have slathered… Yet, YOU turn your ears, eyes and BACKSIDES to them when they’re near enough for you to relax your pucker you’d developed when the BROWN Man took OFFICE. Is it that his programs were “too beaucoup” compared to the previous? Or, you’d just gotten used to “it”?
Well, this IS the year that YOU have to make the decision “OF”. And, when you do are you going to do so while triaging wounds youve gotten standing so close to TARGETS of DECEPTION?

Update: This situation seems to have had quite an effect on “some” Corbett, (core bet.), B. Daly, (Non Chicagoan?), of CBSNEWS gave his wisdom… (
herman-cain-endorses-the-people/). AND the two comments were…
1.)RICKATDC= Herman Cain never fails to disappoint. What a cuckoo!

2.)cactusjack4me= you mean like the clown in the white house?

Obviously, the above “gentlemen” use extremely high amounts of SPF’s.

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Newt On MARTIN’S “Official” Day

I “JEST COO-ENT HEP M’SEFF” ! Newt and the, ( Don’t take this as averse discrimination.)BUOYS are down is South Carolina for the PACHYDERM PRE-PAY. Since today was MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY HE “THOUGHT” that he’d show the folks “HOW CLOSE” each others’ “personal” history was.
Here’s what the scene “looked” like…

Like I said.


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Miss “America” 2012

Come ON ! You had to know that THIS would be the “out”-come of the Donald Trump spectacle. Here’s the official Googled site, (, Look vairwee, vairwee quoswee fo’ the “fwhy” in the ‘pwausessed’ sugar bowl.

That would be 1.43 out of 53 in Evening garb.
Do ya’ …THINK (!).. that there “MAY” be a “national” theme being presented from sea-to-star/barred-sea ?
When the WORLD looks at what “WE” consider the PENULTIMATE young WOMAN here they see what is. CONTROLABILITY, “considered” WORTHY of the EDUCATION-to-Beauty, ( NOT BOOTY! That would have had to include the Turkish Armenian faction of a Kardashian. ), investabilty quotient. And having the possibility of any ONE other than the all-American “MUTT-aledge” of round shafted hair coupled to the “need” of a high SPF base would only make the President’s visage a possible “tipping” point toward the ‘decision’.
BUT,SURELY you’ve noticed the title of this site, and “ARE” taking this with as much ‘Dead Sea, Great SALT Lake grains as your Doctor will prescribe. If not go soak your head in some, it will ease the pain, besides reducing THAT SWELLING.
It’s these little socio-brush fires that I feel I need to be a Smokey-the-Bare “for”. And, surely, you’ve checked to be sure of your ovari-*ticle strength to get through this ‘thought’.* ( You HAVE to TEST your “ticle”!) I just wanted to say something, as I also want you to take a gander at any news article about Newt Gingrich spending time in an AFRICAN METHODIST-EPISCOPALIAN CHURCH to be asked questions… For Newt to answer in his most “truthful” way. But, the ONLY real reason Newt would Do this task, is to ‘Scout’ what the Pachydermed pride will jot for ammunition in the ensuing elections.
I have TWO representations for you, can you tell the “tilt”…

The reason the order is as it is. Like food the order of the process tells you ALL.
I just LOVE that freedom of the press thing… you can “press a word” into ANYTHING you want.


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Jodi Kantor book: “The Obamas”

Fox news,and now the New York Times, have had a running dislike-hate relationship with President Barack H. Obama. Even as the current owner of both, Rupert Murdoch, has commented,visually, on his “WORRY” … (… about the, then, Senator’s worthiness to hold the position. The “covert” attempt to “RID” the nation of the Obama political presence, (remember Liz Trotta’s unrestraint ? ), seems to be the imported agenda by the “Cheese ‘FRUMUNDA'”. Bringing America the “hackalisious”/ salatious craftmanship that was so finely honed ON the British.
So, that takes us to the newest attempt, (He’s had four years to “work” on this.), with the “GHOSTLY” publication of the book:’The Obamas’, written by his “Kindle-rella”, Jodi Kantor.
The buzz that has been created is “AN OCULATE PERCEPTION” that Ms. Kantor doesn’t deny having “researched” through the practice of the CHILDREN’S game of “TELEPHONE”. ( Remember when you were in early grade-school? You sat in a circle then someone started the game by telling a small story to the person next to them , until it got around the circle to its starting. How many times did YOU hear the ORIGINAL arrive the same?)
The Kantor-“barelied” tale is told via interpretational “accuracies”, that would be “by” a Kantor question to “someone” within “the Obama” staff and her finding the best fit for this “RED HEARING”, (more like a ROUGE KANGAROO…..). The “TIMING” COULDN’T be more perfect, eh?
For some strange reason I feel the itch of the accusation of the inhumanly racial bias of those that continue the “belief” that the/ our President “is a secret Muslim”. The publishers may have to admit that this tumescent tale of Beltway BOLDFACE will find “History’s” judgement to be that “The Obamas” was summarily a waste of good LUMBER, and that the “Kindle” version will start something that Ms. Kantor will wish “SMOKEY” would …. on, as he does “in the woods”.

And, NO, I HAVEN’T read it as yet.I will directly. AND, I’ll “be BACH”… either to sing the praises of the formidable truthfulnesses, or to tisk each, and everyone, that were too AFRAID. OR, too stupid, to PULL THE CURTAINS AWAY FROM THE man BEHIND THOSE CURTAINS.

My final thought on this is, that IF this ‘TALE’ was written via the HONEST answers of the Obama staff IS there any wonder WHY it has taken this long for this NATION to begin its “RECOVERY”


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