Now It’s Happening to WHITE FOLKS

08 Mar

The world IS crazy! “Super Tuesday” was March 6, 2012, the Republican Party had Four Band Leaders vying for the Spike Jones Tribute Orchestra.

The United States House and Congress passed the VOTER’S Rights Act, (, of 1964. Signed by Texan Lyndon B. Johnson.

This is a story that is absurd in its being ABLE to happen, especially to the People that it did. The even more absurd part of this is that ONLY ONE LOCAL ‘news’ agency, (? Channel 10/ WBNS), OFFERED the information. Which HAS NOT made National “news” as IT SHOULD HAVE. Thereby nullifying the term NATIONAL NEWS. As of 9:30 p.m. Wednesday March 7,2012 this has not been placed into the Google search engine files. But, if you need the information you must contact the FRANKLIN COUNTY BOARD of ELECTIONS.

Westerville, Ohio poll workers VIOLATED the Voter’s rights Act LAW on Tuesday March 6, 2012 when TWO young NON- African_American males walked into the small North-Eastern suburb of Columbus, Ohio to cast their votes for whomever. The reason for their expulsion by the poll workers was for the “fact” that they were wearing their SCHOOL’S NAME on what looked like BASEBALL Jerseys. I briefly heard one of the young men say that he offered to put tape over the (?) “offensive” name of the in-town educational institution for a quick solution to the dilemma. The officials wouldn’t allow them to VOTE !?!

The question IS just WHO is being put “IN CHARGE” of this SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT responsibility. And, WHERE did they receive their “education” of the rules and regulations of official POLLING sites ? If this “can” happen to TWO ‘WHITE FOLKS’ in a STATE that HAS produced EIGHT PRESIDENTS of this NATION, WHO WILL BE NEXT !?! I can’t say if this is a new type of tactic, since Ohio IS the State that gave us the “GEE-DUB” voting machine scandal.

I’ve said this more times than I should HAVE TO… PAY ATTENTION, this may “ONLY” be a “TEST”. FAILURE CANNOT be an OPTION.

Remember this jab the next time you get ready to walk into that “booth”… On the next “SUPER TUESDAY” , CHOOSE THE SOUP!

SO, as we “saunter” through this season of the ‘RED’ “TEAM” being the “strength and wisdom” of these “UNITED STATES” take heed of the above then remember their ‘brand’ of “PEACE”…

A message from the GREATEST GENERATION.


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