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Living as REDACTED

This is going to be short, and bitter. As I have been jotting the “few” thoughts from my head I have been through the processes of a “few” points of ’employment’. In this my having the malady of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE PERSONALITY DISORDER has made MANY company managers/ supervisors irate because I have this NEED to DO THE JOB/ TASK as well as IT SHOULD. This causes many that have a laissez faire attitude toward such what IS making THIS NATION drive IN FULL REVERSE.

The last company rid itself of me AFTER I left a site when the WEEKEND “supervisor” THREATENED to “KILL” me… HE,( Frederick “the great”), is still the HIGHLY INEPT ‘OVERSEER’ that Steve and LISA are using to DESTROY another account for AETNA BUILDING MAINTENANCE as the ownership continues to allow nepotistic marriages of loss. Sooner, or later American business structure/ stricture is going to allow those that ARE DRIVEN to complete the task their rein. But, until then the reversal of fortune will continue for the those that LIVE as Ameri-CANS.

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An UNRECOGNIZED “father’s day”

This, to me, is an appropriate follow to the previous post.The ‘home’ of Daughter and, Mother was struck, ( lightly.), by the “runaway” vehicle of an elderly neighbor. This was her FIRST accident IN HER LIFE of driving for over FIFTY YEARS. There was only a breakage of the half-inch water line into the abode… It could have been worse. Thank ‘GOD’ that it wasn’t.

Daughter frantically knocked on the door to announce the event, County Officers and, EMT were on the scene before I got outside. The Woman had tried to stop by the “Fred Flintstone” method of dragging her foot. It didn’t work but, the trail of skin attests to the effort.For FORTY minutes Daughter asked about , told OF and was more interested in answering surrounding neighbors’ questions than taking charge of her living space. The answers I provided were tossed for someone else’s version that wasn’t even “there”. ALL during the time NEVER was the recognition of a LIFE provided spoken.

To that I had “some angst” but, in the drinking of a cup of coffee the following came to mind of all those that HAD ‘generously’ created a BEING, out of ‘LOVE’. ( The definition isn’t going to be inserted.) The fact that these ungratefuls are here and, able to speak to one that answered life’s future call says too much in the fact.



are ‘allowed’

TRUTH’S struggle

For the WEAK

get ‘LUXURY’S’ pass

In a lifetime

there’s few muggles

for the foundations

deemed “lower class”

But of all “US”

that live slighted

there’s redeeming

in this fact…


of their “mores'” social ” thinking”


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There’s not much to say at this moment…

just NAME the gross infraction
the SNOOP, the HATE, the KILLS
a wonder of the hard work DONE
by HONEST now known as shills

the every single RIGHT “WE” had
been chisled for the rich
the mixture of the dark-n-light
is evil at best clitch

when passing from the best to worst
like ROME and GREECE, from ENGLAND
the mountains’ purple majesties
have molded into the “FATHERLAND”

the history of first of class
will simmer through the classmates
as melting pot was brought to ROT


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… CAN’T rise ‘ABOVE’



If you’re NOT selling your “MUSE, INK” to those that need a “BEATZ”-treat what BETTER way to GERM-INNATE a SYNAPTIC TSUNAMI than to “PASS” some TRITE to an OFAY, (, EDITORIAL ENTITY, like GAWKER. That’s about all that “needs” to be written here, as the “BRA(H)” that took the time to fellate the “staff”  of Gawker has “extended” HIS scribanous OIL BATH in excess of what’s been “pumped” from Syria alone.

With that, HAVE AT.


what “better” way
to get some “play”
for “linen” folk
all about one’s “SEFF”

“identified” by splatter
and wind for ‘Bounty’ proud
a puffed presumptual blather
to find some sort of crowd

the reasons much like Tokowitz
you MAY know who that is
you’ll NOT get a deal that “fits”
boxed SAND a place for KIDS

the trap where dove has you ensnared
so like the “girls” he loved
but of your “truths” like cause compares
the premise CAN’T rise ‘ABOVE’


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… tasting GALLS

“As I catch the many outstanding artists and, their work here there is more of the hues of spectrum than the starkness of shadings of gray / black. Have you,ever, had a “non-gifted” deliver your audience the scribbles of a “demand”? If not I have a piece for you called NATURE: Patience and DISGUST. The fading face of a LOWLAND Gorilla…looking over the viewer’s shoulder, seeing what they’ve “done”. It may be a “READERS’ ESSAY” of prose and view.
Let me know what you think about this, PLEASE.”
I followed because YOU ‘HAVE”…


I was about to enter the above into the “comments” box of the followed blog…’ARTS FESTIVAL’, maintained by a Filipino Gent. He gathers NICE WORKS. I had injured my dominant hand and thought that the “GUB-MINT” agency responsible would be setting a date to get the LIGAMENTS of the THREE of FIVE FINGERS repaired / reconnected. I received a letter explaining that “DUE TO A MISTAKE OF THE EMPLOYER NUMBER BEING GIVEN WRONGLY” that I would have NO FIXING of said digits and, “LIVE” with a PERMANENT reduction of dexterity. Where ONCE there were “Broadways” and Building Rock Shows I NOW am doing JANITORIAL Work… I CAN grasp a MOP HANDLE… at ONE-THIRD the HOURLY RATE. ( “prevailing”.) Ex HEALTH and “HUMAN SERVICES” Chair-person Kathleen Sebelius learned her skills from Ohio Governor John Gilligan, her FATHER. Where she rose to “great” heights the State of Ohio Department responsible for Working Folks’ injury repair is LACKING, ( to the TENTH DEGREE!)

Of that, to the crux of this post- “ART”

NATURE: Patience and DISGUST...

ntr png

I was very surprised that someone could tell what it’s supposed to look like.

This IS the last thing that I’ve drawn. FIVE YEARS AGO.( And, I don’t have the original.)


The “old MAN” IS watching

to gaze upon their next

they that came so long after


the FADING’S not the bad thing

it happens to the ALL

it’s their belief in right-full

that has US tasting GALL


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Qu Qlux Qlan: East Division


I’m NOT going to give much space to the above site’s gist. It reads PLAINLY for itself. It seems to not matter where humanity resides, there ARE those that believe that THEY are the “MORE” important of the CITIZENRY than ANY “ONE”, ( I’m referring to CHINA, a nation that is just being released from years of POLITICAL (‘CHIN-NA’), [, via their Maoist years of existence. For all their accelerated improvements there seems to be a small connection to the term “grand DRAGON”.

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“Intelligent” OP-servations

Sarah Louise Palin…

Any “comment” rendered from this ‘FORMER’S’ “lips” can be compared to the equivalent of someone that engorges on copious amounts of EXTREME PEPPERS then sits in an enclosed shower stall to enjoy the “FRUITS” of the labor.



Although Barack H. Obama IS of TWO DISTINCT RACES it “SEEMS” that Ms. Palin “DOESN’T HAVE THAT “CLUE”.

As the “value” of WHO “we” vote to office is, mostly, a ‘HOPE’ at best the question of what the “fourth estate”  is being PRODDED to regurgitate to the  public is getting more, and more OBTUSE.

An example of past Palin expertise…

palinvadamsAs to “PLAYING THE RACE CARD  what BETTER day to sing some “stars and bars” than on the commemorative of a MAN named after one that ALSO brought HUGE REFORMATION.


“IT” doth seem that the “HIND-SET” displayed by “the MAJORITY” of America’s “up-and-coming” LEADERSHIP IS well [ON ITS WAY] to CONTINUE the path.


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