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How “Politics” SHOULD BE

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“LIFE” is a COMPETITION. And, in the CONFRONTATIONS of PEOPLE striving to “MAKE THEIR ‘POINT’ MOST WILL “ALLOW” “one” not of their GOAL to “PAY” for …

The ABOVE IS an EVENT of making sure that “the” competition ALLOWS…

… UN-like those with MONEY, “colour”, or “LUSTS”.



COME ON !!! You HAVEN’T seen ONE POSITIVE political television ad in two years. YOU know that you can’t deny it. Herman Cain is “gone”, prematurely ejaculated by the blue-pilled DICKS, (as in Santorum.), that just had to play THAT (“political”) RACE CARD. All, except for Newt, he’s the only one of the group to have “come” close to what they accused Herman “OF”. There’s one guy that just can’t get his “head” around the axiom of,’ give me the SUCCULANCE of MATURITY over the TARTNESS of YOUTH’.
SO, it’s been “SIXTEEN DAYS, and whata’ ya’ get? A SAN-TOR-UM vic’tree in-stead of a MITT. Saint Peter don’t ya’ call me ’cause I can’t GO (p)… I OWE my SOUL to the SUPER PAC VOTE” ( Thanks TENNESSEE E..)


Now, as the ROGUED face, TEA-totalless, media-“INSTANT-IDIOT”, decision making public finds that the man “BEHIND the CURTAIN” has blown MORE SMOKE to where it’s getting “less irritating” with each new session. The “CANDY-DATES” are working harder than ever to place themselves upon the numbed tongues of ever increasing locales. The one saving grace in this is native son, Stephen T. Colbert. Who, this side of D.W. Griffith, Lester Maddox. or the erasable Strom Thurmond could have the “AUDACITY” to combine two distinct persons into a “phaulse political phorce”? ( this would be called Dyslexical alliteration.)(or ALUM-ination= the swelling of a “light” until it closes.)
How much more can this nation take from pre-Manchurians whose leadership has followed the teachings of “Hu-Phlung-Poo” religiously… and strengthened such? To follow the leads of those that are quick to uncover the treed gore of their rivals, while wiping the entrails of the person that had been standing beside them off their hands and chin? Hey!!! A VETTE isn’t the plastic-skinned two-percent-mobile from a company that YOU didn’t VOTE to BAIL OUT, it’s LOOKING AT the PERSON that wants to RUN YOUR LIFE for FOUR-TO-EIGHT YEARS! Not just the “WARTS” but, the GOGGL of CLOSETS they, AND their FAMILY OWN.
You’re PAYING for these pustuals to travel this NATION to kiss your babies with MOUTHS that have slathered… Yet, YOU turn your ears, eyes and BACKSIDES to them when they’re near enough for you to relax your pucker you’d developed when the BROWN Man took OFFICE. Is it that his programs were “too beaucoup” compared to the previous? Or, you’d just gotten used to “it”?
Well, this IS the year that YOU have to make the decision “OF”. And, when you do are you going to do so while triaging wounds youve gotten standing so close to TARGETS of DECEPTION?

Update: This situation seems to have had quite an effect on “some” Corbett, (core bet.), B. Daly, (Non Chicagoan?), of CBSNEWS gave his wisdom… (
herman-cain-endorses-the-people/). AND the two comments were…
1.)RICKATDC= Herman Cain never fails to disappoint. What a cuckoo!

2.)cactusjack4me= you mean like the clown in the white house?

Obviously, the above “gentlemen” use extremely high amounts of SPF’s.

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THE Ohio State University: Fickle ON Fickell

Fickle=marked by lack of steadfastness, constancy, or stability : given to erratic
changeableness. — fick·le·ness noun.
Fickell= (, current Head,
(“Interim”), COACH of the STRUGGLING football program at THE Ohio State University. With the ouster of Jim Tressel the university is in the process of rebuilding its “income” producing medium of “Cirque du SOIL”.
It’s a shame that the business of “education” would overlook the apparent sameness of their choice in Coach Hayes’ begining and Coach Fickell’s… the ONLY difference is that Ohio State’s great leading minds have forgotten the fact that when Hayes came in as Coach the only other coaches to post a winning percentage above Hayes’ were…
John B. Eckstorm,1899–1901/22–4–3/ .847 and,
Carroll Widdoes, 1944–1945/ 16–2/ .889…*
And NOT for too long a time period.
If institutions that tout LOYALTY forget to TEACH THAT lesson to those they “strive” to instill that QUALITY TO… one of the first events should be in their MOST VISIBLE actions.
From the Washington Post,(
From: the Cleveland Plain Dealer,(
WHO’S to know, until ?
As Yogi ( Berra)said: “It ain’t over, ’til it’s over”.
And, is LOYALTY an extinct quality of “HIGHER EDUCATION” ?
By the way Coach Hayes’ first year was:*
1951 @ 1951 Ohio State .4–3–2, overall, 2-3–2, conference 5th place of TEN teams.
And, maybe OSU doesn’t want to write the true article of:”LOCAL “BOY” MAKES GOOD”.
As of November “28”, 2011 THE Ohio State University has hired Urban Meyer as its new Head coach for its Football team. AT FOUR MILLION DOLLARS per year. Urban will enjoy a SIX year contract. During the Monday evening “news”-cast the mention of magnanimity from Meyer to departing Luke Fickell was glossed over to his keeping “such a great DEFENSIVE coach” as Luke. But, NO MENTION OF A SALARY INCREASE.
WOW, “Higher” education’s TARP-ish reconstruction of ITS “hay-maker”.


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