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Loyalty: So, YOU “like” That LASH

The “way of the world” is making too many good folks into criminals and MURDERERS. The crime rate has dropped, while the killing of the constabulary has increased. Does that make ANY sense to YOU?

Banks are continuing to rape and pillage their clientele,
(They’ve done it so long that it’s become their CUSTOM. That’s why “we’re” called customers.), and doing it so flagrantly that when we see a photo of a bank’s C.E.O. they’re always SMILING. It’s a FALLACY, (a deceptive, misleading, or false notion, belief, etc.) This is why our putting so much faith in these institutions is like the blind trusts in the words of the Sadducees and Pharisees, their contrived rules made life more difficult for the common person than needed be. VERY MUCH like Democrats and Republicans, both groups actually needing being renamed as “PHALLUSEES”, it sounds “like”, but exudes an extremely appropriate visage.

As the extraordinary amount of world “leadership” elections have, will,and are to take place this year it “seems” that the strides taken “forward” have been more of a lateral direction… Egypt “loses” Hosni then gains the guys that helped him with the sentence he received. The two largest area nations have waited for “Uncle Sam” to run back-to-back-to-back military “exercises” where the Crusaders are still so “fondly” remembered. And, have just decided to send “the kids” on Safari in Africa for their “on-site” game of “CALL-OF-DUTY”/ “Black Ops” to provide their understanding of the word ” DOUBLE ENTENDRE”. (Wars, and “RUMORS” of WAR…)

The story that was the ‘RED BULL’ to this is from the GUARDIAN UK,


This IS an ASTUTE battlefield sketch from “across-the-pond”, and after reading it I HAD to do “MY PART” to make sure that some REAL RESEARCH, and OBSERVATION was distributed as far as possible. Make Copies, email it to those that AREN’T your friends, because of a difference of “view”. No matter what, this “lecture” by Professor COHEN is very much all “tens”-n-‘bulls’ from several fathoms proximity.


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