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… best laid plan washed by golden showers




[“President”], Mrs. Michelle Obama is making for a more HEALTHY future of AMERICANS. Not only is SHE contributing to a better “LOOKING” administrative LEAD…

firstdraftladyobama…but, the WOMAN is so intent to SET THE EXAMPLE that Washington D.C. hasn’t seen “Yams” like this…

michelle-gardening… since Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday” to John F. Kennedy.

The POLITICO article tells of “WHAT” is happening to the perceptions and “facts” of the industry of what we put within our bodies. I just find that the oversight of the BAYH-DOLE ACT, (, and the repercussions just may allow more folk to think that Chicken Nuggets are okay.( “Things that make you go, HMMM!?!”

For all the time “we” spend on a keyboard, phone or roadway cutting those in HALF, and, planting “A” something that YOU like to eat just “MAY” change your ‘HEALTHCARE’ PLANS.


’twas once upon a time ago
when darkest nation began its flow*
to that place where ole Christo fled
by taking Isabella’s bread

the folk that “‘ployed” them felt a need
to take nutrition change seed to greed
they ate “bought’s” best said they’d no need
like any commodity it’s how you breed

intestines, giblets, “feets” and all
when Viscounts heard they thought “good gol'”
but Science said let’s take this ball
economies we’ll rise they’ll fall

but lo behold backfires commenced
as G.M.O.’D foods hopped the fence
whose properties they’d small defense
as world opinion deemed as dense

designer foods are now just ours
as most can tell by fractaled flowers
as children’s health has grow to dour
that best laid plan washed by golden showers

+++++++++ the steaks / stakes…




Just a “little” appetizer for your lunch tomorrow…


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… a late arrival bring rancid food

This IS…

TO: the Lady that is currently “LEADING” FIREFOX / MOZILLA.

is it that the foundation of COMMUNITY

is unacceptable to the teachings

of Professor SIMON LEGREE

after all these years of getting done

is it your desire

to set your OWN TAILS AFIRE

and run through the DENS of others?

It is disconcerting to begin

one’s mental meal

with their heats set properly

then to have said FOX scurry

then settle into the chosen fauna

surrounding the protected abode

It’s very much like arriving at a favorite picnic spot

and, having distributed the chosen fete

to have a late arrival bring rancid food

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… won’t be anymore

There’s just NO understanding.


In a time when the WORLD IS at so many of another’s throats there ARE those that would shave the DEFINING POINTS OFF a Pentacontagon.

Is there any wonder that the current ‘UBER Bundesverfassungsgericht’, appointed by the “PACHYDERM PRIDE”, HAS made ENOUGH (!) erosive rulings that the SWASTIKA is PAINTING ITSELF across a lot of HECTRES within these borders?
But, that WOULD mean that those, ( Mister Sharpton!!  “DON’T” get JEALOUS.), that have donned their capes to FIGHT these have taken their garments to their  dressers…


these pain filled repetitions
to keep that just not yours
you fled such inhibitions
and crossed to these here shores

what is the reason for such
rebuild a losing hand
no harmony of living
a one piece (brassed) marching band

but “live’ within that shelter
keep hermetically sealed doors
as your disease grows stronger
“yours” won’t be anymore


“It” hasn’t taken long for… (

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… those BORN ‘here’ BELIEVED



The “AT-WILL” state of employment, (, is being played to a HILT that IS going to ruin this Nation. When Corporations “are” PEOPLE, (, with a BULLY’S need to humiliate anyone that they please, it’s TIME for FLESH and BLOOD to  RE-appropriate,
(…is the cultural process by which a group reclaims—re-appropriates—terms or artifacts that were previously used in a way disparaging of that group), that which was instituted during times of HUMAN SERVITUDE , ( The atwill practice is typically traced to a treatise published by Horace Gray Wood in 1877, called Master and Servant.).

The problem IS that even though the INITIAL “reasoning” seemed “correct” at ITS TIME, SOCIETY “HAS” grown past the IDEOLOGY, which has become a TOOL that IS DESTROYING A POSITIVE FUTURE . As the nation NEEDS those with a work ETHIC and CREATIVITY, the ROBOTIC nature of the next “installation” of CITIZENRY HAS been FULLY indoctrinated into PAVLOV’S “guide”, salivating for any offal offered. What’s more is that the “genius” of them is so easily bypassed. (

Just how close are “we” to losing OUR ‘glorious'”rights” of Humanity’s beautiful experiment IS for them that truly DESIRE it. Instead of leaving it to those that believe without tasting the blessed ingredients’ healing nuances that remain UN-G.M.O.


dearest mister President
to stimulate
the ALL
‘nough moolah
for the “AT-WILL” clips
most’s income is at PALL
and if you’d tell the c.e.o.’s
to take care of the “least”
just maybe U.S. G.D.P.
turns famine toward small feast

the bills get paid
for hearth and home
the angers to subside
elected pay ATTENTION more
and not build CROOKS
more “slides”

most of all regain the PRIDE
to a BETTER Life
as those BORN ‘here’ BELIEVED

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… no counting in-betweens



It may seem trite to the un, mis, or dis-“educated” of “HOW” a NATION ‘founded’ through the principles of “FAITH” and, its edicts of “[UNIVERSAL GOOD], (,http//, could forget [“LOVE THY NEIGHBOR”],(.http//, Which WOULD be the exact term and ‘ACTION’. To “look” at THEIR way of GETTING through THIS TIME IN THE WORLD. Then, make a way for a better traversal.

The times of the WILD WEST IS GONE. [B.BONNEY], (http wiki Billy the Kid), was a BULLY that WAS “taken to TASK”. And, though these past decades of a rise in “[BLACK-ON-BLACK]”, (http sf feature wp 2013 03 22 gun deaths shaped by race in america ), CRIME IS MORE DISGUSTING than the [“FEAR: ITSELF”] (. The ‘problem’ being regenerated IS that a “LAW” IS “allowing” a quicker type of “PERSONAL” [‘LYNCHING’], (./http//

The hope is that a SANITY can be re-instated within the DAILY meetings of the varied RACES that ARE the EXOTICALLY BASIC ingredients OF “THE MELTING POT.

though mostly YOURS
like many times
on OTHER’S shores

although agressed
I make you be
it’s My decision
my ’tis TO thee

and though most often
the life I’ll end
is one whose shade
no SUN depends

it’s been this way
since the seventeens
no counting in-betweens


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… what’s at your back

The World IS being run by the ‘BULLY’. I DON’T even have to register a link to the fact. Those “we” elected into offices, those that “teach” our children to LIE AND CHEAT to get a position that affords them the “WHATEVERS” that they “want”.

But, the time of a world of BLUTOS is going to explode in places that these WEAK MINDED creche-dwellers need. It’s only a short time away. I’m clearing my space to witness the frivolities.

the crash of “thought”
the wants desires
all powered by overblown
estates so overgrown
with “afront-trees”
that quick violence
most often shown
to place such worth
on stupid’s terse
incarcerates the soul
you cannot stand
the “weaker” hand
must crush
to prove “the” point
reception’s fee
is NEVER please
displeasure to disjoint
around you strut
great thoughts “tut-tut”
all missive for the lack
it just may be
the reason why
you worry what’s at your back

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… the folk NOT disappoint

I accidentally tapped the REPUBLICAN PARTY of Google news awhile ago. This IS interesting.



they’ve banned collecting
of the “TISKS”
the “ivory”
much too thin
though “smarter”
than the dark part ‘horse’
great appitite shagrinned

and of the shows
of “great white ways”
exclusion is the applause
but time has changed
the “wardrobe’s” drape
far too many flaws

the sun gets set
to rise or fade
all by which way one points
the hope is there
to be aware
the folk NOT disappoint

phlump…AND, Just a “little” more YEAST for the “BREW”…




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