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like if the “FRENCH GIRL” didn’t SHOW the WAY.

A MASS Grave on the “TARGETED” FEW


Remember “chant” of COPPERTONE

THAT ‘Truth’ holds to THIS DAY.

And, MOST of all, “NO NEWS” is PALL







A DONKE SCHOEN to those that “FOLLOW”

in hope that musings DON’T ring hollow.


times, quite a few HAVE become DONORED.

It’s OF the views, from so many HORIZONS

that LIGHT thought’s FUSE for “born” of POSEIDON.

though, lastly, CAPITAL is the “ward” of this burg

those thoughts, rhymes, and pictures are the mighty VERBS.

SO, HERE’S TO, ALL YOU’S that flex with the ‘gregg’

I’d hoped my grat-too much better, my begs.


POE me

POE  me




How “nice” is like/wise courtesy

to view another’s thoughts

the world has grown too much to “see”

the surf of brainwave’s caught


though “we” believe our “simple” jots

are worth the time to graze

the disappointment of no such

brings most to simmered rage


the charts if who’d, what, when, where’s why

can push to better study

it’s to those points that some despair

as synapse turn to putty


so, as the gray mass gathers steams

and, fingers peck thought’s cadence

my place is just to point some way

and hope the visit radiant






it doth appear that seek scans joys

not “truth”, nor ‘ruths’ for hope’s employs

these fingertips tilt to and fro

the witnesses thought ones’ should know

the touch of “failed” is but quick’s spy

the longer term much more than “I”

in “time”, in facts, in think, in that

makes exercise just slight past hack


… ?

The “TITLE” is exactly what I thought when I was led to …


As I’m sure that when most of “US” consider the posting of our ideas  / beliefs that when they get a “KUDO” from another blogger that their mental genres are treading within the “same Pool”. Lately, there’s been a spate of those that give presentations that are from the YOUTH VISION that seems to regard “frivolous” truth as “presentatious platinum”. AND, doing so WITHOUT a “FAIL-ARREST” unit as backup. ( That would be corroborating information.)

To the young owner of the above site I defend my posit with this…

They KILLED that "DAY".

They KILLED that “DAY”.


The above is a DOCTORED view of the HISTORICAL moment when Jack Ruby used his friendship to enter into the transfer of accused  Presidential Assassin, ( John F. Kennedy: via (, Lee Harvey Oswald. Killing him, POINT BLANK, in FRONT of THE ENTIRE GROUP of city officers, F.B.I. agents and Walter Cronkite, with Huntley and Brinkley included. ( It’s a wonder what a “little” CUT-N-PASTE “can” do.)

The will to “tell” of a thing / event, without an intelligent cadre of proof is WHAT is making it so difficult to LIVE within the boundaries called the ATMOSPHERE.

The bigger question is… was this to just HAVE something to “post”?

Like any “fragrance”, with enough MANIPULATION “you” can make any object smell as designed. If the victim has no reference point…



pick a card just any card

I’ll tell you what it is

pay no attention

of those backs marks

they’re there so you

can’t win































































































































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Some “comments” don’t get to YOU

It’s been over a year that this site has “seen” my gists / jests. I’d been looking at “freshly pressed” for a moment when ‘SERENDIPITY’ garnered attention via her AWWARD WINNING “DP” story [GONZO GEORDIE HAD AN AX] caught my attention. I read it and made a comment that read not too much like the following, ( I usually ms-wordpad a comment for proof but the password issue tripped me.)…

“The story reads like the BANNED movie “SONG of the SOUTH” with its 1940’s “NEGRO” dialectical jargon-istic , 40 year auld Bostonian “HIP-HOP” patterned speech patterns. It feels awkward for one that knows”STRANGE FRUIT” to have this type of emotion set to an event of this type… in this day and age… when the “MAJORITY” is [OBLIVIOUS] of how the “Melting Pot’ IS having the ingredients labeled in this day and age.”

After reading the other comments of congratulations the realization of just HOW “oblivious” the “majority” HAD become settled in when my comment WAS dismissed from the order. I DON’T blame the AUTHOR of the fact, she’d been writing for OVER 1800 posts to get THIS award for “FICTION”, a style not often attempted. It IS a GREAT WEIRD AL writer’s moment, “IT” was just that the moment coincided with too many “moments” that the observant observer will find ENTROPY ruling the “TOP”. I apologized for the observation. But, STILL, didn’t have the comment allowed.

But, YOU know the gist of the feeling rendered… “For the GREATER GOOD”.

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The ‘Boob’s’ Better Brightwork Business Builders Guide

I know, I KNOW. You ‘spire, (“A”, per or tran…), over the concept, thought, words, context, order and “style” of a “POST”. You’ve done the / some research of that topic that you BELIEVE will garner, grab, gesture someone to hit the ENTER button after eagerly moving their cursor to hover to the exact pixel of selection.
AND, for what ? “FOR” all the geekdilocs’ who’ve been goaded into the “AMERICAN SCHOOL of PLASTIC CUBICLE-DUMB”… An “Au-frill-E-ATE” of the “Greater Lower Frumpsburg Chamber of Coersed Cohortisation”. Trained “ver-cur” ain’ts that follow a form-ewe-la, (a note to follow “SO”!).

That form-ewe-la is to PAY a company that has thoroughly read the “E-VARD” Bid-NIZ Pee-Dea-Ehf,(Perfunctory Doltic Fallicy). This bit of gawd-thought is soled / soiled by consistent peeping through Blog sites with sole ownership and staffing, thus the perfect targeting for the classic group back-track DUMP. They figure that the sheer/ shear numbers of,(possible NON.), SPAM present will make the “cyber-warden” lazy enough to “pass” the ALEXA’d percentage on, through the sentry’s bobbing mouse trap on to the “street-strumpet-swing” of ‘cross avenue ” Hey, WHAT’S THAT !?! Making them that all-mighty ‘Drachma’ as legitimate as a Washington Mutual House Note.

Come on (!) you get ’em too. What do YOU do “AH-BAU-DIT” !?!
Me? I delete them all. If you can’t do “Bid-NIZ” properly… who needs YOU?

Oh, for those that haven’t “performed” any M.A.N.U.A.L. L.A.B.O.R., “BRIGHT -WORK” is the managerial description of presentation for the FAUCETS, and such, in a Bathroom*.If you didn’t know you shouldn’t be stayin’ at all them “SLEAZ-A-LAUTS”.

*”DAT’S SHY-KNEE, George” o

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