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And They Call It “NEWS”

Well, kids,’TIS the SEASON as “they” say. And, with the elections just over the “white” house IS preparing for the traditional CHRIST’S MASS/ Christmas EXXX-TRRRAVA-GAN-ZZZAAAHH! (COME ON, folks! This IS being written by a “person-OF-colour”.)

There’s a NOT so “funny” side to this post, and a CREEPY-funny side to this post… AND I GET TO TELL THEM BOTH!!!!!

The “NOT-so-funny” side is that a,

57 year old, “getting”-ready-to-RETIRE,talked about assassinating newly re-elected President Barack H. Obama. The interesting part of this is that Tavares City, Florida Police WOMAN, Sarah Coursey beat her fraternal twin to the career “Punch-out” in September of 2012…


The above gives no details of “IF” Ms. Coursey is “still” in the constabulary of FLORIDA.

My second thought is this. With the above TWO, DOCU-MENT-(AL)-ED examples of the term “TO PROTECT, AND TO SERVE” the SIXTY-FOUR THOUSAND KRONA QUESTION IS

WHAT are the LAS VEGAS ODDS of A.N.Y.O.N.E. playing, suggesting, CONTEMPLATING the BING CROSBY, ( Or, ANYONE ELSE’S!), version of…WAIT For IT…
(Yep, YOU “GUESSED” it!)…

Now, WASN’T that FUN? Do YOU think that was “NEWS”?

Oh, do pardon my absentmindedness. There IS a “creepy” side for some of YOU…
With the entire House and Senate out, again, soon wouldn’t “IT” be funny if President Obama MADE KWANZA the season’s NATIONAL HOLIDAY…

OR, MAYBE, just to throw “THEM” off the CENT, to have CHANUKA the NATIONAL HOLIDAY!

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As ONE that has been UNEMPLOYED, along with so many others, it’s interesting to see that the malady ISN’T a “bottom feeder”.
The “proof” that “we” are all the same has taken one of THE most secretive of Men and rendered him “without” a current J.O.B..

His foible was a “fellow” Cadet OF the West Point Military Academy.

Semper IN-Fidelus!

It’s sad that the Nation has lost a “Captain” but, it just goes to show you that when the “enlisted” are on SURE-LEAVE in North Carolina that they should be aware in the “Port” city of “PICKLEPLENTY” / Dilworth…
Makes one wonder how often the “SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN”?

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