Lady JUSTICE: The Self Debate

22 Mar

“Right” is ‘right’
The ‘TEXAS’ bred COWBOY COOL that the Bush brothers have brought to this NATION IS having an “impact” on the LIVES of those they had ‘governed’. We know all too well WHAT the elder “blessed” us with, now we are witnessing what Jeb has done by his signing the “STAND YOUR GROUND” Law.


Now that the “richness” of the old wild west has been returned to the streets of this country every William Bonney and Clyde will be “obliged” to puff up their chest, and extend their great “equalizers” just before they wet their pants.

While Justice has always told us…

“Equal justice under law” …

Now what can be done about the “tweakings” by those with a not so obscure agenda ?
How must “SHE” feel?


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