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… no counting in-betweens



It may seem trite to the un, mis, or dis-“educated” of “HOW” a NATION ‘founded’ through the principles of “FAITH” and, its edicts of “[UNIVERSAL GOOD], (,http//, could forget [“LOVE THY NEIGHBOR”],(.http//, Which WOULD be the exact term and ‘ACTION’. To “look” at THEIR way of GETTING through THIS TIME IN THE WORLD. Then, make a way for a better traversal.

The times of the WILD WEST IS GONE. [B.BONNEY], (http wiki Billy the Kid), was a BULLY that WAS “taken to TASK”. And, though these past decades of a rise in “[BLACK-ON-BLACK]”, (http sf feature wp 2013 03 22 gun deaths shaped by race in america ), CRIME IS MORE DISGUSTING than the [“FEAR: ITSELF”] (. The ‘problem’ being regenerated IS that a “LAW” IS “allowing” a quicker type of “PERSONAL” [‘LYNCHING’], (./http//

The hope is that a SANITY can be re-instated within the DAILY meetings of the varied RACES that ARE the EXOTICALLY BASIC ingredients OF “THE MELTING POT.

though mostly YOURS
like many times
on OTHER’S shores

although agressed
I make you be
it’s My decision
my ’tis TO thee

and though most often
the life I’ll end
is one whose shade
no SUN depends

it’s been this way
since the seventeens
no counting in-betweens


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… the folk NOT disappoint

I accidentally tapped the REPUBLICAN PARTY of Google news awhile ago. This IS interesting.



they’ve banned collecting
of the “TISKS”
the “ivory”
much too thin
though “smarter”
than the dark part ‘horse’
great appitite shagrinned

and of the shows
of “great white ways”
exclusion is the applause
but time has changed
the “wardrobe’s” drape
far too many flaws

the sun gets set
to rise or fade
all by which way one points
the hope is there
to be aware
the folk NOT disappoint

phlump…AND, Just a “little” more YEAST for the “BREW”…




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I’m very happy that I chose to open this site. I’ve a few other sites that have various distinctions of “view” and “reason”. A ‘friend’ got me here and as time grew I allowed him to “assist” with some parts he’d offered. The SHARED site was CONQUERORWORM named after one of his favorite authors’ GENIUS’, little did I know that this was his avenue to SCUTTLE those very sites when the “friendship” became a RENDSHIP. Long terse guickened. After WORDPRESS.COM refused to remove the offending site that allowance provided enough time for this “BEAUTY” to shut the entry TO the other site. It doesn’t matter that this person has a BRILLIANT SITE of his OWN: RAVENSCAWL.WORDPRESS.COM, and that he’s begun to expound after TWO and ONE-HALF YEARS. It IS the FACT that such PETTINESS would find its way to force me to walk around someone ONCE FRIEND. “TOO GHAUCHEN BAUD” for both. Now these ALL have to be displayed HERE. LUCKY US.

We’ve ALL Got “TALENTS”:

Sepia T&A.

You’re choosing sides
while innovators
a RATINGS spat
not so much that
has tipped far past SWAY

Tweets are quite good
for BLUEBIRDS nests
hone in for US rest
the pretty ones get turgid “guns”
the many seen as unwanted guests

The ‘modern’s’ ‘good”
positioned “PRESIDE”
while ‘WE’, THE “PEOPLE”
get pushed aside
“JOB” of downing WINDMILLS
you’ve fired PANCHO
invested in TV GUIDE

If spin is good
we’ll surely see
this NATIONS grip
outsource the rest
YES, that’s “IN JEST”
but, LET’S rebuild
between these


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Loyalty: So, YOU “like” That LASH

The “way of the world” is making too many good folks into criminals and MURDERERS. The crime rate has dropped, while the killing of the constabulary has increased. Does that make ANY sense to YOU?

Banks are continuing to rape and pillage their clientele,
(They’ve done it so long that it’s become their CUSTOM. That’s why “we’re” called customers.), and doing it so flagrantly that when we see a photo of a bank’s C.E.O. they’re always SMILING. It’s a FALLACY, (a deceptive, misleading, or false notion, belief, etc.) This is why our putting so much faith in these institutions is like the blind trusts in the words of the Sadducees and Pharisees, their contrived rules made life more difficult for the common person than needed be. VERY MUCH like Democrats and Republicans, both groups actually needing being renamed as “PHALLUSEES”, it sounds “like”, but exudes an extremely appropriate visage.

As the extraordinary amount of world “leadership” elections have, will,and are to take place this year it “seems” that the strides taken “forward” have been more of a lateral direction… Egypt “loses” Hosni then gains the guys that helped him with the sentence he received. The two largest area nations have waited for “Uncle Sam” to run back-to-back-to-back military “exercises” where the Crusaders are still so “fondly” remembered. And, have just decided to send “the kids” on Safari in Africa for their “on-site” game of “CALL-OF-DUTY”/ “Black Ops” to provide their understanding of the word ” DOUBLE ENTENDRE”. (Wars, and “RUMORS” of WAR…)

The story that was the ‘RED BULL’ to this is from the GUARDIAN UK,


This IS an ASTUTE battlefield sketch from “across-the-pond”, and after reading it I HAD to do “MY PART” to make sure that some REAL RESEARCH, and OBSERVATION was distributed as far as possible. Make Copies, email it to those that AREN’T your friends, because of a difference of “view”. No matter what, this “lecture” by Professor COHEN is very much all “tens”-n-‘bulls’ from several fathoms proximity.


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TWELVE Blind Horses

We have arrived at the confluence* of “LAW” and “ORDER”,
as the “Human Condition”,
contracts upon itself as the girths of population
bloat by the fierce justifications of keeping the
purities of “WHO WE ARE”.

One of the most ardently contesting areas of this nation has proven to be the State of Florida…

a) The Trayvon Martin incident should be “enough”, though there’s a PRECEDENTIAL “moment” that has just “FISH-TAILED” around it on the prosecutorial banking of the same state attorney who is handling the Trayvon Martin case…


…maybe, hoping to establish the manufacture of a new “NAIL” for conviction.

b.) In the ‘STATE’ of Florida 455,000 homes are in foreclosure…


… Mr. Pino purchased his abode at $203,000, now being valued at $23,000.

The “world” hasn’t gotten any smaller, but the available amount of intelligence seems to not be so evenly dispersed among the populations. Knowing full,and well, that the more pride coupled to less ‘smarts’ equals… what we have NOW. And, instead of the ‘world’ ending, as predicted, on December 21, 2012 some infernal Archeologists found a Mayan Astronomers “school” room in Guatemala that gave “US” 6,000 plus more years. So much for the good news. The continued “winking and noddings will continue for some time more.

My deepest question to all this IS… HOW do “they” get the Horses to follow all those Carrots?


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Newt’s Procto-logical Tunnel “Vision”

Newton Gingrich has this certain difficulty with the way the WORLD actually “looks”… At HIM. And he seems to have a way of viewing this world. It’s as if he’s looking through an “organically adjustable ‘APETURE,( an aperture is a hole or an opening through which light travels.), a device that helps determine the “F”(!)-STOP.
“The remarks were condemned as “disgraceful”,


“Any young American of any ethnic background should be safe, period. We should all be horrified, no matter what the ethnic background.”

So, Mister Gingrich. If the preceding statement IS exactly the way YOU “see it” young, ‘former’ Master Martin DOES FULLFILL the requirements of YOUR thought.

Mister Stanley ARMOUR Dunham, a man of considerable mystery.AND, Maternal GRANDFATHER to one BARACK H. OBAMA… current PRESIDENT of these UNITED STATES of AMERICA! Pardon me for asking if YOU CANNOT believe the VALIDITY of the stated: “If I had a SON, He’d LOOK LIKE TRAYVON MARTIN“.

I suppose the resemblance is BEYOND REALITY for YOUR adjustable “20-20”?

This is how the “MELTING POT” is supposed to look:

And, THIS is how Obama would look if HIS DAD HAD BEEN James Dean…

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the light… of the skin tone, James WAS just out of the desert from making “GIANT”.

In FACT, James “seems” to be a little DARKER in these BLACK and WHITE photos, but my “vision” isn’t as “great” as YOURS.”


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Slapped By the FLUKE of a WHALE of a “BLUNDER”

Little PLUSHIE LIMPAW got himself caught in the teeth of ANOTHER SNARK attack of his own “right”-minded CHUM.


This is fun for the fact that we have one of the MOST GLARING examples of WHAT IS WRONG with the “SOCIETY” we have allowed to be the KUDZU that’s smothering this ‘NATION’. HOW “we” have let this type of DERISIVENESS be TYPHOYDED MARY-LY along the synaptic paths is an attestment of the DUMBING,(MORE), DOWN of a PROMISE.

The interesting part of cobbling this post together is that it was too easy to gather the similes. The young ‘Calf’ that IS making her way into the POD of being a PRODUCTIVE part OF the Pod. She had decided to present her call across the vast waters of opinion about how the environment surrounding her, (and ALL like her.), becoming TOXIC. Low and “B-HOLED”, the ‘Calf’ is attacked by a ‘BULL’ Snark, already overfed from its feasting through the “RED TIDE”. ( Brave ‘Calf’ holds her “ground” as the attack is unfounded and completely wrong. The Pod of “BLUE” Whales begin the protective chase through the TOXIC ‘RED TIDE’ disrupting its “flow” as the ‘BULL’ Snark eventually is chased from even the “TIDE”.

This “ain’t no “FREE, WILLY”. And, should serve a lesson to those that feel obligated to batter the better being/ Beings around them.


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