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FAKE Obama rousted by Pachyderms

Just because “THEY” all look alike. That is, “probably”, the compelling reason that this man…

… was chosen to be in New Orleans for the Republican “LEADERSHIP” Conference. His name is [Reggie Brown].
Is there ANY wonder how so many folk of European heritage find it “challenging” to CORRECTLY IDENTIFY those that they don’t readily recognize from College, or Professional, Television sporting events !?! As to how well event organizer [ANTHONY DAVIS] could make such a SPECTACULAR MISTAKE is beyond all reasonable research practices in this case ! No respectable, highly waged politic-oh would allow such. This get together in GNAW-LENS is the perfect location for the GOP to serve “up” as much Democrat [OFFAL] that they scrape together, but the first course was, (typically), presented to very unsuspecting palettes.
It’s always a great “party” when the hosts provide such ILLUMINATING ENTERTAINMENT to begin the festivities !
As I’d like to give you the entire YOUTUBE video clip I find that the extraneous banner-fill here covers the “insert” tabs when attempting to update one’s articles from non windows 666. But, if you travel to YOUTUBE, (, you’ll see the entire piece of American politicking policy in all of its glory.


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why do i care about this “life” i’ve lived so far?
why should i care?
it’s not like the world needs my type of “being”,
not for the shuffle / replacement that is what the last
being to be placed on its surface has / is good for.
there’s no true need for “intelligence”, nor “love”.
why should anyone worry about who makes one
happiest when it’s all rub and spray anyways?

how can the artist of life be satisfied with the “end
product” of so much work to “get there”?
isn’t there a simple switch to stop the destructiveness
that its ‘things’ increasingly multiply?
or, is there a switch that finishes their maturation process
just before it demolishes the rest of the art/ work?

the sadness of this is that there was so much to look for,
to find, then hold.
wasn’t it just a second ago that firsts were so many?
and continue just that?

i sit at a man-made plane tapping squares that turn into
glyphs and numerals. rarely do they blossom to things
that are truly use-full.
to be, or not to be was turned into something called
profound, it should be something that must be “sanitized”.
the infection has a mind of its own.
i’m tired of this. but, keep reasoning to begin with another
spin-to-light, not wanting to join a tool of david’s wrath.
it may not hurt as much as the absolute zero of non-

this “life”, of late, is quite like walking up an oiled wall,
there’s a ‘law’ against it, and the construction materials
weren’t sturdy enough to begin with.

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Taking OVER…

… How history is tracked to show the “future”.
Isn’t it “funny” how that we’re in the age of the truest of ‘wonders’ in that we can look [NORMAL] talking to the “air” ? But, the “air” is [INTENT] on your “every” word.
CONTROL is the key intent of what’s happening today, and seems to have been for quite some time. The problem is that they just CAN’T control WHAT we think, to the larger degree, but they CAN control the powers of its directions. Usually by [FEAR]. And, a healthy dose of [FINGER POINTING] by those [EVEN] [\"REMOTELY\"] [INVOLVED] As we, really, begin to take a serious LOOK into the happenings of the world it’s also time to use the ART of ASKING THE PROPER QUESTIONS to make a true CHOICE of how, and WHAT, we want our lives to be.

LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS is what we’re trying to get others around us to embrace. BUT, we can’t do so if we continue to allow GREED to guide the JOURNEY… to leave a path to a “Gingerbread House”.

the two SMART kids.

Please pay attention to the SMALL PRINT of the links !!


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It’s Kind’a LIKE…

The current presence of “THINGS” not being the way they’re SUPPOSED to be is chasing Voters [\"AWAY\"] from the current President.This I can conceive if we are to trust the [INTELLEGENCES] of those that we CONTINUE to place in ANY office that is to represent OUR wants, NEEDS and wishes accorded us, (U.S.), via the BILL of RIGHTS and CONSTITUTION.
It amazes me that so many look back to the “good-ol’-days/DAZE when our Houses continued to be worth more than they were, but as long as the lawn looked like the eighteenth green at Pebble Beach and the paint wasn’t peeling it WAS okay. So what if that paint was twenty layers thick over Termite, Trump villages, and the lawns have given the kids the same symptoms as those that were in VIET NAM ? ( Check out the chemical difference between ROUNDUP and AGENT ORANGE.)
When that house was “new”, (to Us.), we were too joyously busy to PEEK-BEHIND-A-CURTAIN. But all too soon the curtains rotted and fell away… THROUGH the faux Marble flooring!
America IS a “house” that is getting old. And, we’ve had TOO MANY “REMODELERS” with false licenses glamming us into [PAYING] for NEEDLESS improvements while overlooking the holes they’d just stepped through.
To put this simply, IT’S LIKE…

clean, sanitary AND presentable

… to what we now have because we DIDN’T do the proper DUE DILLGENCE…

If it’s at all possible for the American CITIZEN, Voter or not, to get together with their neighbor AND call ALL their FRIENDS, then CALMLY encircle these BULLIES, AT THEIR “HOUSE”, with the proper “SWITCHES”- gathered from Apple and Willow Trees. Find a WOMAN/ SISTER who KNOWS how to BRAID…
It’ll be KINDA’ LIKE watching folks learn calligraphy, at an arms length. But, the “students” will won’t have “rulers” across their knuckles, but, at the end of their patiences.


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