WHAT! Oh, He Wasn’t Thinking

02 Mar


The Soldiers that “accidentally” burned a set of Qur’ans have been identified, but WILL NOT be named. The gist of the article seems to attempt an exoneration of some sort. A demotion or such, whereas the Afghan people want an immediate trial IN THEIR COURT.

When going through the comment section the timbre of HOW the story was presented prompted me here… sobrien883 wrote: 5:02 PM GMT-0500

“So we’re going to wreck five military careers? Obama never ever should have said that people would be “held accountable.” Some young soldier will now pay the price–and for what, a simple mistake. Would that officers in that command have the courage to say no, we’re not going to burn these guys”…..

The most disquieting gravitational pull is that this person is defending Five People that HAVE done something wrong. Unknowingly… maybe, but if they’d spent any time PAYING ATTENTION ot what they’d read, heard or SEEN these few moments would not be happening. But, they ARE.

How CAN someone “worry” about WHAT a “career’s” weight will “lose” of those five people when THERE ARE SIX that had NOTHING to do with the cause of this MATTER HAVE GIVEN THEIR LIVES NEEDLESSLY?

It’s a short thought, but a THOUGHT. UNSELFISH and unapologetic. A THOUGHT of WHY should the “concern” be directed to the LIVING CULPRIT… INSTEAD of the AMBUSHED HEROES? This is the difference…

Instead of this…

The biggest question is WHO, that holds the reins of “RESPONIBILITY”, WILL take up their Sword to stop the “GRUNTS” from paying for a “Superior’s “mistake”?


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