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… waves of SAND

… waves of SAND

the HEX of years

as PAIN still rides

the seek of LUCRE

in corporate HIDES

a GLASS of wall

unsafe installed

the corporate fraud

dominant hand now CLAWED


no saving graced

no tell of gore

the GREEDS of the many, the FEW misplaced

the trials of MATEWAN

now paid to PACS

the loss of a HOMESTEAD

‘Tician’s LIES in STACKS

elect the CEASAR

protect the clans

build for the future

on waves of SAND


Even though I’ve NOT written for SOME TIME the fact that the last JOT put here was very taxing.

After walking through a quarter inch Glass surround of a REVOLVING DOOR the entity of residence HAS worked VERY HARD to keep the failure of PROPER CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES, and PRACTICES, (including MATERIALS.), IS  JUSTIFICATION to USE the ELECTED to PREVENT JUSTICE.

[This IS a “small” note to the OHIO B.W.C. Settlement ‘head’ Sct. Mcfddn:  In “hope” that those that have the run(s) of this agency may COVER those of U(.)S(.) that DID OUR “CIVIC”, and ARE “HOLDING ” the KEYS to see IF TRUTH’S “OPEN SESAME” Will BE AS INTENDED.

( The Original date of “start” was AFTER my second Lawyer NOTIFIED me that the STATE of OHIO B.W.C. HAD PAID an initial medical firm the SUM of $33,000.00 for SIX MONTHS of NON-TREATMENT for my injury. And, they want ME to accept $6,500.00 to $8,500.00 for the REST of my LIFE. AS ‘UNION’ that was TWO WEEKS PAY for a BROADWAY SHOW. “HAMILTON” would spit on the offer. )



MANY, AMBUSH hunting, Disease RIDDLED, BLOOD SUCKING , parasites“!



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