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21 Jan

It would have been better if the “Creator” of this world/ universe had defined the model of the, (so far), final beings with a less prominent color scheme. Yes, that really would NOT have made the problem of PREJUDICE any less destructive as IT HAS.


The above space is for YOUR “IMAGE” of how hate has placed its lips upon an unfortunate example.
Many have brought the “‘SOCIAL'”SILLINESS” to “our” ATTENTION but few have embraced such…

The part of this sad practice,( Thank distance and time.), of a society making hate its Anthem…

makes that society less than HUMAN.

So, what if a society was determined to make HATE some type of “secret” balance point to show OTHER societies the “FINER”,perfections and subtleties, (
making small racial differences into a national decision.( This would be the difference in how many youth “of color”, ie AFRICAN AMERICAN are sentenced to greater lengths of incarceration for lesser amounts of a same illegal substance, being Cocaine, than their pale,( “white”), compatriot with a larger, but differently CONFIGURED amount.)
It’s so extremely BLATANT. The departing GOVERNOR of the State of “EM-EYE-ES-ES-EYE-ES-ES-EYE-PEE-PEE-EYE has decided that he WILL “go out” like the “hero” in ‘THE KLANSMAN’,
haley-barbours-racist-remark-was-no-mistake.html ), in his hope of a D.W. Griffith movie addendum. AND, done so while the “United” STATES of America has one of Haley’s “targets’ as its PRESIDING HUMAN.
This IS PROOF to the NATIONS AND SOCIETIES that the WORDS VERSUS the DEEDS lived by those that have been chosen to INCREASE this NATION’S “GREATNESS” is still without serious DETERMINATION by its citizenry.
And, “IT” is running out of time to turn those that seek to do the SAME to it.
The biggest challenge of this nation, and the WORLD is…
Do ANY of “US” really care enough to make LIFE the BEAUTIFUL thing it was DESIGNED to BE? Or, are we going to let the things that have DISFIGURED HUMANITY continue to?
Just a parting point, (

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