Miss “America” 2012

15 Jan

Come ON ! You had to know that THIS would be the “out”-come of the Donald Trump spectacle. Here’s the official Googled site, (, Look vairwee, vairwee quoswee fo’ the “fwhy” in the ‘pwausessed’ sugar bowl.

That would be 1.43 out of 53 in Evening garb.
Do ya’ …THINK (!).. that there “MAY” be a “national” theme being presented from sea-to-star/barred-sea ?
When the WORLD looks at what “WE” consider the PENULTIMATE young WOMAN here they see what is. CONTROLABILITY, “considered” WORTHY of the EDUCATION-to-Beauty, ( NOT BOOTY! That would have had to include the Turkish Armenian faction of a Kardashian. ), investabilty quotient. And having the possibility of any ONE other than the all-American “MUTT-aledge” of round shafted hair coupled to the “need” of a high SPF base would only make the President’s visage a possible “tipping” point toward the ‘decision’.
BUT,SURELY you’ve noticed the title of this site, and “ARE” taking this with as much ‘Dead Sea, Great SALT Lake grains as your Doctor will prescribe. If not go soak your head in some, it will ease the pain, besides reducing THAT SWELLING.
It’s these little socio-brush fires that I feel I need to be a Smokey-the-Bare “for”. And, surely, you’ve checked to be sure of your ovari-*ticle strength to get through this ‘thought’.* ( You HAVE to TEST your “ticle”!) I just wanted to say something, as I also want you to take a gander at any news article about Newt Gingrich spending time in an AFRICAN METHODIST-EPISCOPALIAN CHURCH to be asked questions… For Newt to answer in his most “truthful” way. But, the ONLY real reason Newt would Do this task, is to ‘Scout’ what the Pachydermed pride will jot for ammunition in the ensuing elections.
I have TWO representations for you, can you tell the “tilt”…

The reason the order is as it is. Like food the order of the process tells you ALL.
I just LOVE that freedom of the press thing… you can “press a word” into ANYTHING you want.


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2 responses to “Miss “America” 2012

  1. great tips

    January 15, 2012 at 8:36 am

    Hey there, this is a cool idea! This discussion is just what I was needing help with, thanks! I’ll have to dig around for some discussion about best hints. Can’t wait to share this with other people!

  2. awinkandanod

    January 16, 2012 at 6:43 am

    Dear Tips, It’s truly a shame that you’ve wasted that money on e-commerce. The best way to get a “plug” is to have READ the post. Your coming here as you have only proves the worth of what was inferred. This nation’s business acumen is the DUMBEST that has ever been. You’re supposed to be an ADULT, you ASK to use the facilities before you just “dump YOUR CRAP” where YOU think it should be.
    And, if this is rude to YOU, write a note to the author that sold you your “bill of goods”.


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