Jodi Kantor book: “The Obamas”

08 Jan

Fox news,and now the New York Times, have had a running dislike-hate relationship with President Barack H. Obama. Even as the current owner of both, Rupert Murdoch, has commented,visually, on his “WORRY” … (… about the, then, Senator’s worthiness to hold the position. The “covert” attempt to “RID” the nation of the Obama political presence, (remember Liz Trotta’s unrestraint ? ), seems to be the imported agenda by the “Cheese ‘FRUMUNDA'”. Bringing America the “hackalisious”/ salatious craftmanship that was so finely honed ON the British.
So, that takes us to the newest attempt, (He’s had four years to “work” on this.), with the “GHOSTLY” publication of the book:’The Obamas’, written by his “Kindle-rella”, Jodi Kantor.
The buzz that has been created is “AN OCULATE PERCEPTION” that Ms. Kantor doesn’t deny having “researched” through the practice of the CHILDREN’S game of “TELEPHONE”. ( Remember when you were in early grade-school? You sat in a circle then someone started the game by telling a small story to the person next to them , until it got around the circle to its starting. How many times did YOU hear the ORIGINAL arrive the same?)
The Kantor-“barelied” tale is told via interpretational “accuracies”, that would be “by” a Kantor question to “someone” within “the Obama” staff and her finding the best fit for this “RED HEARING”, (more like a ROUGE KANGAROO…..). The “TIMING” COULDN’T be more perfect, eh?
For some strange reason I feel the itch of the accusation of the inhumanly racial bias of those that continue the “belief” that the/ our President “is a secret Muslim”. The publishers may have to admit that this tumescent tale of Beltway BOLDFACE will find “History’s” judgement to be that “The Obamas” was summarily a waste of good LUMBER, and that the “Kindle” version will start something that Ms. Kantor will wish “SMOKEY” would …. on, as he does “in the woods”.

And, NO, I HAVEN’T read it as yet.I will directly. AND, I’ll “be BACH”… either to sing the praises of the formidable truthfulnesses, or to tisk each, and everyone, that were too AFRAID. OR, too stupid, to PULL THE CURTAINS AWAY FROM THE man BEHIND THOSE CURTAINS.

My final thought on this is, that IF this ‘TALE’ was written via the HONEST answers of the Obama staff IS there any wonder WHY it has taken this long for this NATION to begin its “RECOVERY”


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