Who VettesYOUR Children’s “Teacher” ?

25 Jan

Short and, not so sweet. THE Ohio State University ran an advertisement in its STUDENT publication THE LANTERN.The ad was purchased by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, owner of FRONTPAGE, the on-line ‘hate’ magazine. Here’s the “link” to the Columbus Dispatch article, (

The fact that the FACULTY ADVISER allowed an entity, with its type of agenda, to purchase “SPACE” within the MINDS of those they’ve been entrusted to MOLD into PRODUCTIVE and UNITING citizens is INSIDIOUS. But, in peering into what may have influenced the decision of adviser, Dan Caterinicchia. When “Googled” Dan was credited with being a former editor of the ASSOCIATED PRESS in the LANTERN’S WIKI, and since a “wiki” CAN be edited to disclose CHOSEN informations a deeper “SPADING”… SAM, that IS!… found that “Der SUPERVISOR” HAD a small association with the WASHINGTON TIMES, ( Unlike others I’ll let YOU research the WASHINGTON TIMES, it may throw a (W)HOLE new light on your definition of “Higher” Education. Or, maybe the Corporate INFLUENCE PEDDLING that has gotten us to this point of OUR existance.

It’s AMAZING at what IS indoctrinated into the minds of the YOUTH of THIS NATION. AND MORE amazing that “nobody” followed the SCENT FROM the FRONT PAGE.

Update: 01/26/2012

I sent notification of this post to the accredited author of the COLUMBUS DISPATCH article just after publishing this. A Mister has yet to return contact of whether he’s read this post, then looked into the backgrounds. I guess that’s the way of the Fourth “negate”.

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