… election LOST

27 Apr


As I usually don’t “go to” the above agency “much”, with the increase of hate-filled incidents becoming MORE accessible to the curious, I “clicked”. The following image “wrote” itself by its “simple” scream of the “TRIPLETS”: past, Present and, FUTURE.

With the “view’s POINTS” the original title thought was… “EVIL’S EYES”.


No matter the MODEL YEAR...

No matter the MODEL YEAR…


gross “peek-uh-boo”
of “I hate you”
twin windows
through a SOUL
yet legis-late
no hesitate
allows this
ugly GOAL

those that “commune”
each Sunday
don’t think about
whose COSTS
their only CON-sideration
of decision’s conflagration
as sessions adjourn
of next election LOST


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