… gold of style

03 Apr



“Tis most IIINNNNNTEERRESTING, ( “BUGS”.), when the “Little Polly Purebreds” find themselves in some sort “of” HEAT. ‘Merge’ that into the plight of someone’s obtaining a recently occurring “bout” of “Jungle Fever” and the “WORLD” has an issue of a SEQUOIA’S “BLOSSOMING”. That really isn’t the problem, the “problem” IS that said blossoms WERE DRAWN ATTENTION TO .

How is the “TELE-FORESTRY” SERVICE to keep the surrounding “seed”, (and “sap-links”.), on the “STRAIGHT” and, narrow path to the “SPONSOR-HOODS”!?! How ARE the net-works going to perpetrate the storyline when the off camera episodes CLASH with the CHARACTER , ( Enter YOUR ANTAGONYM here.), and their lack of ability to TOW the LI(n)E? I wonder how Hal Roach did it? ( Darla and, the ‘Wheat.)


when “you” pass adults
to kids as “child”
off-screen results
can be quite wild
those “tiny” minds
so quick defiled
the topo-graphic
lens beguiles
past darlings
once known erstwhile
are hard sell when
divorce they file
tougher yet when
plumped with child
but ratings are the
gold of style


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