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21 Apr

The “TITLE” is exactly what I thought when I was led to …


As I’m sure that when most of “US” consider the posting of our ideas  / beliefs that when they get a “KUDO” from another blogger that their mental genres are treading within the “same Pool”. Lately, there’s been a spate of those that give presentations that are from the YOUTH VISION that seems to regard “frivolous” truth as “presentatious platinum”. AND, doing so WITHOUT a “FAIL-ARREST” unit as backup. ( That would be corroborating information.)

To the young owner of the above site I defend my posit with this…

They KILLED that "DAY".

They KILLED that “DAY”.


The above is a DOCTORED view of the HISTORICAL moment when Jack Ruby used his friendship to enter into the transfer of accused  Presidential Assassin, ( John F. Kennedy: via (, Lee Harvey Oswald. Killing him, POINT BLANK, in FRONT of THE ENTIRE GROUP of city officers, F.B.I. agents and Walter Cronkite, with Huntley and Brinkley included. ( It’s a wonder what a “little” CUT-N-PASTE “can” do.)

The will to “tell” of a thing / event, without an intelligent cadre of proof is WHAT is making it so difficult to LIVE within the boundaries called the ATMOSPHERE.

The bigger question is… was this to just HAVE something to “post”?

Like any “fragrance”, with enough MANIPULATION “you” can make any object smell as designed. If the victim has no reference point…



pick a card just any card

I’ll tell you what it is

pay no attention

of those backs marks

they’re there so you

can’t win































































































































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