… CAN’T rise ‘ABOVE’

02 May



If you’re NOT selling your “MUSE, INK” to those that need a “BEATZ”-treat what BETTER way to GERM-INNATE a SYNAPTIC TSUNAMI than to “PASS” some TRITE to an OFAY, (, EDITORIAL ENTITY, like GAWKER. That’s about all that “needs” to be written here, as the “BRA(H)” that took the time to fellate the “staff”  of Gawker has “extended” HIS scribanous OIL BATH in excess of what’s been “pumped” from Syria alone.

With that, HAVE AT.


what “better” way
to get some “play”
for “linen” folk
all about one’s “SEFF”

“identified” by splatter
and wind for ‘Bounty’ proud
a puffed presumptual blather
to find some sort of crowd

the reasons much like Tokowitz
you MAY know who that is
you’ll NOT get a deal that “fits”
boxed SAND a place for KIDS

the trap where dove has you ensnared
so like the “girls” he loved
but of your “truths” like cause compares
the premise CAN’T rise ‘ABOVE’


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