Witness to A MIRACLE

11 Jun

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In times of preparing for the ‘departure’ of a FRIEND there AREN’T many instances that create for the KNOWLEDGE of WHO “ONE” prays TO. For over a Year there’s been this WONDERFUL WOMAN that is from the HILL COUNTRY of our COAL Mining area. Many would see Her as “WHITE”, SHE is MORE NATIVE AMERICAN that most of those that ‘played’ such in the movies… Cherokee… []… to “the POINT”, CHRISTIAN throughout Her BEING.

As she was getting some paperwork in order, ( She’s SEVERE C.O.P.D., on a ‘shortening’ time frame.), the computer wasn’t “acting” correctly. As Mrs. “P” had reached an end to her patience the machine, and Printer, made the move to comply. The printer presented her frustration with… THE LORD’S PRAYER. “Unsolicited”, except for the FACT that THIS IS the ONLY ‘THOUGHT’ that controls her frustrations. Be it the severe LACK of AIR, or the IDIOCY of … THIS IS the SAVING MANTRA of “CONTROL” , and UNDERSTANDING.

It MAY seem “funny” that this should “become” “text” worthy, but, in THESE days of CRAZY it’s GOOD… to KNOW… that FAITH CANNOT go unrewarded.

And, it’s really interesting that “technology” could allow itself to be included.



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