26 Dec

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= ======================================= =
re-luck-tents built for(e) secrets pared
This IS how GREED con-tin-ewes growths
though vehicles roll with less strength, and spokes

YOU chose this path, though marked quite CLEAR
give up the FUTURE, ye that entered “here”
The choice of “RACE”, MOST did NOT “TRAIN”
as “FATHER’S” timepiece drops its’ last grains

Sad, “fell apart” rose during HOPE’S “SEASON”
as tiny “Jose’ and Maria” DEPARTED by “Herod’S” TREASONS
These gloms to viled WILL hasten GOODS to “LEFT”
with TOO FEW to “COVER”, let lone BEREFTS

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ : In EXAMPLE…

( )


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