23 Dec

… “But, YOU haven’t eaten it ALL ” !



[ ]


[ ]= What You could have HAD.
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
From a KINDRED: [ ]
Dislocate YOUR GREEDY ARMS, for that ‘PAT’ YOU VOTED… “FOR(E)”
scrape those hands of “SELF-MADE JOYS”, learn RUSSIAN, at long, BEACHED SURES
And, rustle up some KIM CHEE, peppered with “PUCKER-BUTT*” for warmths
as friends, sans family, gather to that FESTIVAL of *”GORMS”
With that done, there’s the task to register some “rights”
the “take AWAYS” from JUST BEFORES, the dimming of Miss(ED) FREEDOM’S LIGHT
The “KINDRED”, ALL, around this Orb STAND WAITING for the “NEXT”
breaths, BAITED, with a “ROUND-UP(ED)” brew, hugs, and, kisses for THEIR VEX

* PuckerButt Pepper Company [ ]
* 1.) Urban Dictionary: gorm: [ ]
2.) Gorm | Define Gorm at : [ ]

go see: (


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