30 Jul

The ‘Book’ Ecclesiastes, as translated by WILLIAM TYNDALE…

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has some “interesting” in-SIGHTS to the “histories” of ‘Politics” through “time”. As “WE” ARE in one of the “TIGHTEST” versions of “RACE” and DIPLOMACY,(Government PUFFERY.), the,selected “view” of a few verses ‘lend’ an INTRIGUING “NAIL-HEAD” TARGETING SYSTEM. ( ): 13-16 + [ “Our” current,( Too chaotic for it’s/ our SAFETY!), World leadershi(?)s. ) Three being tied,as a TRIUMVIRATE of ‘tyranny’, equaling Ecclesiastes’ 9: 5,6,12,13,14,17,18, and 20 .

Who can “say” where the “BEAR”, “EAGLE”, and “DRAGON” will choose the “KNOCK DOWN, DRAG OUT”, to BEAT the AUDIENCE to “a BLOODY PULP” ? The “WHERE” IS THIS DAMP, BLUE/ ”GREEN” Marble! (times a GOOGOL!)

The sad thought is that, as Tyndale, the ACTION(S) to bring BETTER to the POPULACE IS being CHORDED for too many’s BONFIRE.


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“SUPPOSE… they gave a WAR, and NOBODY CAME”


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