Sometimes “the LIGHT” is SLOW to SHINE

10 Jul

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( ) 07/07/2017

Injured at a job site, ( was picking up check for working the ‘Black Engineers Convention.), the venue was under construction for the auditorium FLOOR was “about” to COLLAPSE onto the PUBLIC area below. Walked through a quarter inch Glass surround of a revolving door. ( Entryways had been “shifted “.) Site= Greater Columbus Convention Center, an S.M.G. managed, ( see: COMCAST/ NFL Playoffs… Minnesota), site combined with Hyatt Regency Hotels.
A trustee, of that time period, IS, now in FEDERAL PRISON for attempting to BRIBE Columbus CIty Council, John RAFEAL. First lawyer colluded with Businesses “OF”, by providignan “INSURANCE” proviso. Second lawyer Attempted to DESTROY first’s evidence, ( He IS SON of Oh Ind Comm CHAIRMAN : John BAINBRIDGE, ( Andrew).), The Ohio Bureau of Workers “Compensation” has “LOST” FOUR COPIES of these Information(s) (!?!), and HAS “COMBINED”* a previous injury’s “SETTLEMENT” claim to the one that I’ve been FIGHTING for EIGHT YEARS, come AUGUST, ( 08-07-2009) CASE # 09-868907. * ( Professional Transportation, Inc / Cassell- ENRON LAW , Wichita, Ks… Where the ENTIRE management team “LEFT”, even unto those in Indiana = Headquarters)
The FACT that this IS the TYPE of “HEALTH CARE” policy implementation , ( Of a ‘REPUBLICAN’ run…), that is being “THREE” carded as I write. To have “A” cover blown, at the STATE / local level WILL GIVE new light to the Lady, ( With the LAMP!), standing on EMMA’S poem.

   Thank You

    Thanks for contacting me. I have received your inquiry and it is being reviewed.



acrobats-death-w491467 ]

      ( In the FIVE YEARS that My HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND , and I ran QUALITY CREWS    staging WE had ONLY ONE “accident”, ( A twisted ANKLE, from a MIS-STEP onto the FIRST ‘ROSETTE” of the MOUNTAIN PRODUCTIONS STAGINGS,  GERMAN Technology Staging.)

( USED to rebuild the STATUE of LIBERTY, and the  ‘CAPITOL’ DOME.),


Touring with The ROLLING STONES, PINK FLOYD, and Sir PAUL McCartney! Nes’T PAS !?!


      “Need’S” WHAT

      No show of difference

    the all about the “SELF”


    gifts of “specialance”

just DOLE away friend’s WEALTH(S).

    QUICK’S “Trade” of


    too common in this day.


    away with RELEVANCE

     not much more one can say.


    A faltered Invitation

    belief, as bad CARTOONED


    like modern PANTALOONS.


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