24 Jun


that’s LOST a “WAY”.


as ‘infection’  ALL DAY.

Once FORWARD, now stripped

those grateful, now shady.

Once arrivals, now “gripped”

too hate-full, “flipping” “LADY”.

The “path”, before the ‘Flower’

about of face, misunderstanding.


meaning, ‘hind clock face.

This Human “RACE”

seeks to ERASE TRACE.


[ ]

[ ]

[ ]

[ ]


In the term “NEWS”, “LITTLE” INCURSIONS of WRONG “appear” to be on a LIST of verboten to those that ARE “TRAINED” to DIS-COVER the myriad of GOOD, and BAD that happen daily. When those that are the “leaders”(of the)”SHIP”, as in “THE” FLAG-SHIP, ( “FLAG” referring to… flag1

past tense: flagged; past participle: flagged
mark (an item) for attention or treatment in a specified way.),

of the Staff SPELUNKING for the “TRUTH” of the OCCURRENCE(S) , it, (more “than”), appears that the “SIZE” of the “occurrence” matters more than the “EFFECT(S)” that such “may” illicit. As in the initial instances of EBOLA, or AIDS.
When this “TYPE” of event is “reported” ATTENTION should be PAID, especially when those “first” reports have been on / AT the “Captain’s DESK”, as the rhumb line for “all around” “NOTICE”, and evaluation.
It’s “FUNNY”, I was DENIED graduation from High School, (FOR ONE-QUARTER CREDIT, out of 19 demanded by the State of OHIO in the 1970’s. During “History / PROBLEMS of DEMOCRACY” class we went to a MURDER TRIAL. Long story, short… I was KICKED out of the Court room due to “DEFENCE” MISSING that the man turning State’s Evidence said that HE was standing in FRONT of the Store Clerk, that HAD a TWO-INCH SHOTGUN PATTERN. While the ACCUSED WAS at the FRONT DOOR TWENTY FEET AWAY. I asked that Defence AND, a State Highway Patrolman, with firearms / Ballistics TRAINING talk to Me. The Accused DIDN’T . Teacher, ( NOW COLLEGE PROFESSOR.), wrote that I “was GLIB”, accompanied by a MAGIC MARKER “F”. ), Though I scratched a “college accreditation”. Being O.C.P.D. means I’m MENTALLY “DISABLED”…NOW,
“Perfectionism” is the PARIAH of a REPUBLICAN SOCIETY.


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