23 Jun

Yeah, “THIS” IS My LIFE.

I “guess” I should have made SURE

that the “INK” used to check the “DESIREDS” box


To “have” the “TOOLS”


“MADE TO FIT” the tasks required, and expected.


How is “it” that “TONE”,

speech patterned, “attitude”,

inquisitiveness, EPIDERMALLY,

WOULD grate against “SOCIETY”, as I “filled” it?

Why would there be as sense

of wearing an “offal” aire to the presence

that “others” found / find as fuel for jest, or retaliation?

When “construction” taints

the ethers around the ‘F. P. T. ‘*

steaming the space, flatulating over “friendship”,

to be “staked” mid estuary, before the coming of a “high tide’.

And, as “time” whittles away at the “structure”

the documentations of “goods, and bads” are

reread, “proofed”, for the appointment at the “PEARLED PORTAL”,

whether I HAVE “DONE” the best I “COULD”…

Or ALLOWED “SLOTH” to settle its “moss” throughout the filaments

of ancestry’s intended DESIRE.



*[ ]


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