When the “Darkness” Pulls the STRINGS

22 Jun
When the “Darkness” Pulls the STRINGS

!?! [ ] = “YOUR SNIGGER HERE”.

I’ve been jotting about HOW the purported “protectors” of “current “knowledes” HAVE been AVOIDING a ‘STORY’ of WORKER INJURY, and how those that HAVE been ELECTED, or Appointed “TO”  continually wave the “BATAAN” of RECOVERY. News agencies appear NOT to deem a SET of TRUTHS worthy, UNTIL the seriousness has GROWN to a proportion that they NEED to “BREAK” such… FOR the EQUITY of “CIRCULATION”.

Add the FACT that 96% of the “JURIST DOCTORIAL” establishment ‘practice’ within the GEOGRAPHY of where they went to study the CRAFT… INCLUDING all the the rules of FAGIN’S “brighter” NEPHEW. Many times the CLASS-ACTION SUIT has the injured waiting into SARCOPHIGAL positions,upon “receiving “RESTITUTION”.

The SADDEST part of the ENTIRE, “LIFE’S”, SCENARIO is that IF the ENTITIES , that TOUT “CRAFTSMAN”-like RESPONSIBILITY, and INTENSIVENESS, ACTUALLY DID So, from SMALLEST, ( Like the FIRST INSTANCE of AIDS, or EBOLA.), discovery, before “THE” EPIDEMIC ENCAPSULATES the 196 STATES of this “Marble”, let alone OUR 50.



though TODAY’S journalists, it’s Due to EDITORIAL STAFF”S “BUTS”.

Somewhere said “DEMOCRACY DIES in DARKNESS”,

as reporters ‘Q-TIP when simple TRUTH HARKENS.

It’s as if “TOWN CRIERS” go BAREFOOT in the CACTUS,

unlike BUDDHISTS, doing so as FAITH’S ‘PRACTICE’.

( )…   ” 1-5 + 17 ”

************************************************^ = In Ex-AMPLE…


a.) Sir,

“SOME” of the miscreations that are BLOOMING within OUR SOCIETY / POLITICS/ COMMERCE may be found through those of us that HAVE KEPT RECORD ,and TIMELINES of a “few” of the PROBLEMS that IS disrupting a LOT of DEMOCRACY’S CITIZENS.
From local to Senate / Congress, the “SYMPTOMS” can be tracked through a FEW of “US”.
If you may have the “interest” to REACH into the Washington Post’s “DEMOCRACY DIES IN DARKNESS” SPELUNKER’S headlamp “FUEL” I CAN PROVIDE an “interesting” group of events that fall within the past ten years of ONE PERSON’S “NETTINGS”.
then “google” D’Ellis R. McCammon blogs / HEALTH
(From the DISCARDED)   
Ohio Bureau of workers “Compensation” case # 09-868907
A “town cryer” is NEVER afraid of a LAMPLIGHT being DIMMED.
Sicerely, D’Ellis R. McCammon


“WE” have “begun” to USE ECHO LOCATION for all that’s being done “for” DEMOCRACY out of your Washington address.
News = ” newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events. “

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