Better “said” than done= Safe Keepings

14 Jun

We “TELEMACHUS” show public

the “secret” seed of wrong.


start chaos in a pot filled by “King Kong”.

Their “mirrors” are distortioned

caused by not been made of “SAND”.

The poisons used on others

placed by “ANOTHER’S” HAND.

Yet, “CRIERS” steer from job type

walk quite a different route.

When called to scene to witness

they wring their hands and, POUT.



^ [ ]

[ ]

[ ]

[ ]

[ ]

================================>  in example:


For QUITE some time I’ve written to avail this entity of HOW the REPUBLICAN elected officers HAVE been ‘PRACTICING” the TACTICS that they ARE USING on the ENTIRE AMERICAN PUBLIC. The *W.P. HAS had several DOCUMENTS sent, NOTED as “RECEIVED”, Yet there HAS BEEN no “UNVEILING”, as your ‘header’ says… DEMOCRACY DIES in DARKNESS. YOU COULD BRING such “TO LIGHT”.

  • *= Washington Post

“Google”: D’Ellis R. McCammon blogs , ‘HEALTH’ :
“From the DISCARDED”

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Alexandria, Virginia

I’ve a “situation that “may” affect a LOT of AMERICANS, in the VERY “NEAR” future. It involves a “simple” WORK INJURY that HAS been COVERED “up” by SEVERAL in varied “positions” within the STATE of OHIO… Including the SON of the CHAIRMAN of the OHIO INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION. ( Attempted destruction of LEGAL DOCUMENTS. Involving a CONVICTED Trustee of a “city” convention SITE/ John Rafeal= Attempted BRIBERY of COLUMBUS CITY COUNCIL.)


Ohio B.W.C. case # 09-868907

HEALTH “CARE” seems to be an OXIMORON in REPUBLICAN Administrative “circles”.

“whistleblower’ lawyer

Mahany & Ertl LLC

“Thank you for writing. Unless you worked inside these entities and there has been no prior disclosures (press) and no government action, we can’t help. The law has a public disclosure and government action bar. Sorry we cant help

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Please +respond to

+ : Sir,

The BASICS of what I introduced HAS a VAST array of parts. Aren’t YOU interested in the FACT that “this” INCLUDES a TRUSTEE of a “CITY” structure that IS under the management of a company* that ALLOWED TWO young Men to CARRY MOUNTAIN CLIMBING EQUIPMENT INTO a TELEVISED NFL Football game in Minnesota… DURING the “time” of NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUES? There IS SOOOO Much MORE to THIS, that the CURRENT “LANDSCAPE” of COMMERCIAL/ GOVERN-MENTAL “structurings” COULD BE SHORED UP by the REVELATION of this type of CASE.
DO RECONSIDER. AS an example, the State of OHIO only “offered” the settlement “some” of $1,500.00, in April that climbed, (hand over hand), to a recent $90,000.00, when they discovered that they’ “LOST” 10 POUNDS, (DELIVERED BY ME, TO THEIR OFFICES, FOUR TIMES!), of LEGAL DOCUMENTATION that the CHAIRMAN of the OHIO INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION’S SON HAD attempted to DESTROY. (It contained the “INSURING” against MY INJURY, BY HYATT REGENCY HOTELS,AND *S.M.G. ‘site’ management… subsidiary of COMCAST. (All MANAGERS, of “weight” were DISMISSED!?!) If YOU WILL, take a look at OHIO BUREAU of WORKERS “COMPENSATION” claim…  [09-868907]… YOU WILL discover “some” of the “HEALTH- CARE” markers that ARE now within the NATIONAL DEBATE “OF”.
D’Ellis R. McCammon



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