13 Jun

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For ALL the ‘CORPORATE’ faderal

it’s, NOW, time’s WITNESS of “RIGHT’S” PALL.

The promises of “BETTER YET”

grown to the tune of CONSTANT FRET.

And, when those that for EONS PAST

AVOID repeating sword’s rattles, FAST.

So, NOW the FECES crowds “the FAN”

when common citizen asks,”WHAT CAN”…


The “best” way to express the “what / WHY” I have written this IS that for ALL those that HAVE been ‘telling’ US, FOR YEARS, of their “seeking” to RIGHT the wrongs of this “world”, the best they are willing to do is to niche themselves NEAR the entity that WOULD CORRECT the fissures… But have become too comfortable to exercise the COMPLETE action.

It’s VERY much like going to an expensive Gym, then being given a trainer that that IS in a MOTORIZED wheel chair, because  they weigh a HUNDRED POUNDS over their safe weight. AND expect YOU / US to FOLLOW their example / instruction.


The time is NOW

that SCHMOOZE holds weight.

Those that chose INTEGRITY

HAVE DROPPED feed’s plate.

Their vision skewed


deaf to POE’S feathered,

from their Beaks.


[ ]… BUT, NOT least.


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