Something MORE FOR YOU…

23 May
Something MORE FOR YOU…

TO “CRY” about.

To think back, when as children, we’d take two tin cans and string to make a “Telephone”. The ONLY “BUGS” were when a Fly sat on the string between us.

On May 17, 2017, sometime in the morning, I picked up my OLD STYLE “FLIP PHONE” to see that BOOST MOBILE HAD placed a “SERVICE”, called NUANCE, 

[ ]

[ ] ,

After the WANNACRYPT, ( Google : About 3,090,000 results (0.73 seconds) ), scenario I wanted NO PART of ANYTHING that I HAD NOT ASKED for!!! ( Boost HAD put it on my phone to “TEST”… NO (!) THANK YOU / “EWE”, ( as in, I’M NOT SHEEP for YOUR SLAUGHTER!).  I IMMEDIATELY called Boost… (949) 748-3200, GETTING NO ANSWER = the number had been disconnected, with NO “furthering” #.

Calling the ‘regular’ contact # I was to speak to the PHILIPPINES, where told that THEY “HAD NO IDEA of “NUANCE” being an offering of BOOST. After TWENTY MINUTES of “research” they asked a “forgiveness”.

This CONTINUED THROUGH the following day INTO the AFTERNOON. ( !?! ), EACH ensuing Customer “SERVICE” repre-(HENSA)-sentative UN-KNOWLEDGEABLE to the PRODUCT.  As of 4:48 POST MERIDIAN / U.S.A. there HASN’T been a “call back to inform ME of whether they’ve ‘REMOVED’ this TRAP from my phone.

I HAVE promised to REPORT THIS TO THE F.B.I.if THEY DON’T notify me of their CORRECTING THIS.

If YOU have BOOST MOBILE, or ANY “LIKE”  ‘CARRIER’, BE AWARE of any strange “GIFTS”… YOUR BANK may, also present an offer to add this to your “SECURITY”.



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