21 Mar

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As “one” grows into a MATURITY the ONUS of GIVING “BACK” to those that preceded “you”, and the ONUS to CULTIVATE the ensuing ABILITIES for the “NEXT’S” to accelerate the POSITIVES of “SOCIETY” WERE provided by some VERY INTELLIGENT,and UNSELFISH PEOPLE. The deterioration(s) of KEEPING those, that live as ACCEL(ED/ING), mattering NOT of “mental capacity” / disability blended to genius. When a group that IS concentrated upon the goal of LUCRE, times a “GOOGL”, would/ WILL / DO SACRIFICE a “simple” LINCHPIN to get their “WAGON” to “market”, throwing SAFETY to the “WIND”. The “wagon’s” content IS /  HAS arrived DAMAGED. But, since the “consumer” isn’t aware… or, could care less, (AS TRAINED by a “DISPOSABLE” SOCIETY.), OR HAVE been steeped in the soup of SLOTH, (  sloth, a spiritual laziness which rejects…), that Industry purports through speckled media.

When one’s governings ALLOW/ COVER FOR / COLLUDE WITH any of such the LENGTH TRAVELED to  JUSTICE(S) MUSN’T be THWARTED by an ELECTED / APPOINTED person. And, if it DOES occur then the CULPRITS MUST have a “LIKE” PENITENCE be a YOKE upon their “LIVES”, with a “SMALL” addendum.

In THIS time, of the ONE that “WE’VE” chosen, it HAS come to fore that a “LIFE” is only worthy to the shackles of the DICTATORS, C.E.O.s and, the MINIONS that have been COWARDED into prolonging WRONG(S).

There ARE those that can “SUFFER the SLINGS and, ARROWS”  of TOO MANY’S attempted attainments FOR OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE. WITHOUT contemplating one’s DEMISE… JUST the REASON’S.

In professional sport the TEAM ownership has SIGNED to “look after” their INVESTITURES of trained, quality HUMANITY. In the BUSINESS world, the many SUBSIDIARIES of CON / GLOM-ERATES enact the paring of those THEY’VE INJURED, via the CHEATING the public of SAFE venues. Those “pared”away from their CHOSEN occupations seldom see that “RETURN of INVESTMENT” promised by writ, or LAW. Unless THEY WORK EIGHT TIMES harder / longer than the time they’d spent AT their ‘CRAFT” previouly to REGAIN the PORTION of THE “PROMICES” mentioned in …


(If there’s a LAWYER among those that read this, and HAVE the “GUTS” to help/ see this to a PROPER fruition… COMMENT / offer through the “DEEPENING FOG”.


what “‘TIS of THEE”

AM I to see

go sea-to-sea


trained to EXCEED


elect’s vast GREEDS



AS FOUR entities con-template their offering a proper award for THEIR wrong I WANT ANY, and ALL to KNOW that the PROBLEMS “WE” hear and, READ about ARE just a FIRST AIR BUBBLES of a DROWNING of DEMOCRACY.




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