Catch-UP to the FRIES

15 Mar
Catch-UP to the FRIES

[ your tail is done ]

[  Store ] … “no campaigning past this point”= political draw’s/ underwear

[ ]

[ ]

[ ]



I HAVEN’T had a serious PAYCHECK in, going on, EIGHT YEARS. Due to my walking through an UNMARKED door location change during construction at a LARGE VENUE where I had just picked up a check for working the BLACK ENGINEERS CONFERENCE.

NO Ma’am, the planner wasn’t NOIR.

The site management company, ( S.M.G. a subsidiary of COMCAST. Remember the NFL playoff excitement in MINNESOTA?), “failed to REPORT that I’d sliced through three fingers’ area of my dominant hand. The First lawyer ‘hired’ was through a “FRIEND”/ “brother’ of my UNION… WHO assisted HYATT REGENCY HOTELS, and S.M.G. to get INSURANCE AGAINST the “possibilities OF”. Going to the second, ( CONVENIENTLY the STATUTE of LIMITATIONS later.), HE decided to, (ATTEMPT!), to destroy the first’s DOCUMENTATION.

TWO more followed to stroke as much as they could. THEN, I started to ask about the “FINE POINTS” of an AGENCY of the STATE of OHIO’s truly “PROTECTING” the “INJURED WORKER”. In three MONTHS of asking assistance, through the OHIO INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION, I found that THEY would NOT contact  me after I’d reached to them. The CHAIRMAN, ( appointed by a PROTUS SEEKING, REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR.), NEVER returned requested contact. It came to LIGHT that HIS SON was the Juris “doctor” that attempted to rid me of PROOF.

As I jot this , the proffered “settlement” of $1,500, for the LOSS of USE to a DOMINANT set of DIGITS, HAS edged upward to two extra digits on the left side of of the comma. The AGENCY Command-“daunts” , most likely, are CON-claved to where their their COLLAGE-EDGE-UHH-masticated “business, as USUAL” is worse that a “trunk-LOCATED” hive of TICKS… THAT WOULD be DEFINED as “POLY-TICKS”.

As the GROWING  cesspool of the REPLACING to the “OH-BAM- AH” HEALTH CARE /ACTION is proving that “SOME” Republican run States are  “on-board” with STIFLING the HEALTH and ‘WELFARE’ of those that are suffering by the CORPORATE APPETITES  ( Google: About 1,270,000 results (0.67 seconds) = DRUGS … “mayor sues drug company”  [ ]…

The POGROM has been SET. And there ARE those that ARE TRUMPETING…




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